The Snyder Cut of Justice League Was Better, More Complete Than You Realize

Justice League has already been a source of Major Controversy in the cinematic World. Zack Snyder’s Vision was underappreciated and lacked the oomph factor of the Marvel Movies. After massive uncalled for backlash and the sad demise of his own daughter, Snyder was forced to back away. He stepped down and the events that led the movie further into the abyss can only be described as Warner Bros. worst nightmare.

Joss Whedon was roped in for completing the movie. Instead of making the movie better, he went trigger happy with the cutting knife. Massive Reshoots, unnecessary humor, tonal inadequacies, archaic portrayal of Wonder Woman as an object of infatuation for the entire League and the Mustache-Gate affair destroyed the movie’s and the DCEU’s future aspirations and completely changed the way DC Films saw its future in the Cinematic Universe. No matter how long or loud people claim the movie was through and through a Snyder movie, the truth is – It Just wasn’t. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the entire batch. Whedon is the bad apple.

As a result, the fans immediately petitioned for the Zack Snyder cut of the movie to be released. Rumors were doing rounds that there was already a workable version of Zack Snyder’s version of the League, unadulterated by reshoots and forced humor. It was this rumor the fans were banking on. The DC Extended Universe is the brainchild of Zack Snyder. Even though it always will get criticism as long as Disney is pulling the reigns, never did a movie flop in the literal sense at the Box Office.

Much of it could be thanks to Snyder and his aesthetics keeping the core DC Value of ‘Dark and Gritty architecture’ intact. The fact that DCEU was different than the MCU in every way was a major factor that DCEU was doing well (albeit on a much lower level than the MCU). It was Snyder’s Vision that made it happen. Take that away and what you get is an empty oyster.

Not long ago, a petition started making the rounds that involved releasing the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Fans longed for Snyder and that is why they flocked to the theaters to watch the DCEU unravel on screen even though the ratings were not that high. The original cut, if it does exist, consists of Junkie XL’s original score and not the trashy two bit one that the theaters insulted our ears with.


Skeptics claim the Snyder Cut is non-existent, a fairy tale. They say with only an early version of an assembly cut, the Snyder cut was incomplete with whacky audio and visual effects too crude for a DVD release. The believers on the other hand claim that the Snyder Cut does exist and a version of it is more than just being ‘workable’ enough. Zack Snyder left the Justice League only during a later stage with most of the work already been done, so it stabds to reason to believe that a Snyder Cut is out there somewhere.

The real question is – How much of it is complete and is it really better than the current abomination of the Justice League?

The Snyder Cut had locked picture

Thanks to a few significant social media posts, a fairly well-researched timeline have been put together that shows the Snyder Cut’s existence in depth. Some diehard fans are to be credited for this breakthrough. Stefan Sonnenfeld was being asked by Zack Snyder (February 17th, 2017). Sonnenfeld is the movie’s digital intermediate colorist. Color grading is done only after the movie has finished being assembled. Digital Intermediation was also done during Whedon’s reshoots but the fact that DI, audio mixing, and VFX were mostly ready to be mastered and distributed points to the fact that most of the work for the Snyder Cut was already done.

VFX and Audio Effects were finalized

DPX is digital Personal Exchange File. It is done long after the DI part is over. The date for DPX is February 27th, 2017. This means there was ample time for the audio and visual effects to be re-mastered. One specific text at the bottom of a specific post-production shot read –

“DPX for final per request. Original submission not [obstructed] –rious internal [obstructed] review as proposed final.”

‘Proposed Final’ – Now what does that mean?!?!?

The Audio Mixing was also done satisfactorily within the Snyder Cut. We stress on “Satisfactorily” because it wasn’t Junkie XL’s aka Kronenberg’s Original Score within the Snyder Version. Snyder was rumored to be working on mixing and editing music from the previous DCEU installments and creating an amalgam of sorts. While that does not amount to a finished product, if the music agreed with Snyder, it did with us too.

So why was Snyder moving so fast if he was just going to step down?

Justice League

The reason that is as clear as day – the Snyder Cut was originally planned for a release. We still have no idea about whether the movie was a theatrical release or a DVD release. Snyder has been famous for releasing longer Director’s cut of a movie via DVD/Bluray which is almost always considered superior to the ones showed in the movie hall. Sucker Punch, Dawn of the Dead, Dawn of Justice, all had a director’s cut. So if Snyder wasn’t willing to hit the brakes on his version of the Justice League, we can’t help but believe that there does exist a Snyder Cut. So the final question is – When and/or if will it ever release??

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