New Moon Knight Trailer Shows Spector’s Epic Transformation and the Moon God

Marvel will see its first series canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe set to come out soon. This is a rather interesting project as it will feature one of the most awesome characters from the Marvel comics. There is a chance that Moon Knight might actually pave the way for a fresh tone in the MCU projects set to come out in the future. The first full-length trailer for the project gave us a clear idea regarding the awesome narrative that the series will be exploring. As the release date of the project is coming closer, we are getting to see some exciting details about the show in the marketing material. The new Moon Knight trailer actually features a proper transformation of the character and an appearance of the Moon God, Khonshu.


Even though we managed to get some rather interesting plot points from Moon Knight from the trailer, there is still a lot left to uncover. The full-length trailer for the series actually took things to a whole new level with some action-filled sequences from the series. We also had a chance to see some of the details that have been inspired by the comic arc of the character. At the same time, Ethan Hawke’s character, which is still a mystery, had an interesting role to play in the trailer. Everything we have gotten to see so far only increases the hype for the project.


There have been some major rumors and theories surrounding the project, much like any other MCU project. It won’t really be that surprising to see some of these theories actually coming true with the narrative of the project. One of the most amazing events in the series has to be the appearance of other characters associated with Moon Knight. This includes the likes of Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God, and the Mr. Knight persona. Let’s take a look at the latest trailer for the series that was released quite recently.


New Moon Knight Trailer

A new featurette for Moon Knight was released by USA Today on their Twitter handle. This clip actually focuses on some of the essential elements regarding the series that we got to explore in the previous trailers too. At the same time, it featured the actors involved talking about the series and what the experience of making it has been for them. While we might have seen Marc Spector transforming into Moon Knight before, this time around we see an essential detail of his eyes glowing white during the transformation. We can be sure that this transformation will actually be a major highlight when it comes to the series.

May Calamaway, who plays Layla in the series, talks about her perspective regarding the series. She actually states that the series is a mix of both Indiana Jones and Fight Club in terms of its narrative. Based on the new scenes that we got to see in this clip, we can be sure that she might have her references rather right when it comes to the series. Another essential part of this featurette is Moon Knight appearing in the full suit but without the mask. This might be one of the looks that he might be used to going around when he is not concealing his face all the time.

New Moon Knight Trailer

This featurette only manages to increase the hype for the series that is set to come out quite soon. We got a deeper look at some of the weirder elements of the series with an appearance from Khonshu and him taking Marc through a journey. This clip also gives us a lot more from Ethan Hawke’s character in the series than we have gotten to see from the trailers so far. Moon Knight will premiere on the Disney+ streaming platform on 30 March.

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