Here’s The EPIC Saga of Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir

Recently in the Thor Ragnarok trailer, we came to witness the untimely demise of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. Here Hella easily stops and breaks Mjolnir. Mjolnir, till it is with Thor, he is immortal. This is why the wielder of the Hammer, Thor has the power that whenever he calls out to his hammer, it comes to him within seconds, making him immortal.Here is the origin story along with some facts about Mjolnir:

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

In ‘Journey into Mystery’ issue 83 Mjolnir made its first appearance, The main weapon of Thor was first going to be named, Uru hammer, but then the editors thought its name should be Thor, which is also the name of Thor’s hammer in the Norse mythology.

So now Mjolnir was Thor’s weapon made from Uru metal, which is the most powerful metal in the 9 realms.

The original origin story of Mjolnir is that once Loki cuts Sif’s hair for which he is punished by Thor, then he tells Thor that he will ask the Dwarves to make new hair for Sif, he asks them and they deliver. He then challenges them to make something which would make the Gods happy. So the dwarves make a boar and a golden ring, afraid to lose the bet he distracts the dwarves when they are working on a hammer.

Because of this, the handle of the Hammer becomes really small. This leads to the hammer only being able to be wielded by one hand, which only a powerful person could do. Even after this defeat, Odin loves the hammer and Loki’s lips are sealed after he loses the bet. Odin then gives the hammer to Thor.

The newest origin of the hammer has been given in the “Mighty Thor’ issue 12, under the storyline “original sin’ Nick Fury says something into Thor’s ear because of which he becomes unworthy, not just Thor, now no God could pick up Mjolnir. But then a woman, an unnamed and unidentified character comes who wields Mjolnir. Her identity is yet to be revealed. This raises three questions, what did Fury say in Thor’s ears? Who is the mystery, lady? And if everyone is unworthy, how is she worthy?

This all happens when Mjolnir takes the form of a human and helps female Thor, who when surprised goes to the highest library in the 9 realms, where all the knowledge about Gods is there. Over there the librarian tells her a story she had never heard before. Of course, she knew that the hammer was made from Uru metal, but this story left her speechless. Once there was a raging

Once there was a raging Sentinel storm that went through whichever galaxy destroyed it. When it came to Asgard, it faced Odin who then fought it for days before capturing it in the Uru metal. Then he asks the dwarves to make it into a weapon and literally stars are used to melt the metal. After that, it is made into a hammer.

After that Odin wields the hammer and gives it the name Mjolnir. Not just that, the storm inside the hammer still was raging and the hammer was unstable, not just unstable but ragingly catastrophic. Because of this Asgard was on the verge of collapsing, after this Odin keeps the hammer along with his weapons, and casts an enchantment on it, saying whosoever this storm feel worthy shall possess the power of Thor”. After some years when a kid Thor goes and picks up Mjolnir, the storm does not rage gain and Thor is able to wield the powerful Mjolnir. This tells that who so ever the storm deems to be worthy can possess the power of the hammer, Mjolnir.


Thor “He can wield Mjolnir, he can keep the mind stone. It is safe with Vision and these days, safe is in short supply.”

Steve Rogers: “But if you put the hammer in an elevator, it will still go up.”

Tony: “Hammer is not worthy”

In the comics, Mjolnir has been wielded by Beta Ray Bill, Roger Red Norwell, Captain America, Eric Masterson, Odin, Fury, Boar, Loki, Jane Foster, Squirrel Girl and Destroyer other than Thor. While in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the hammer has been wielded by Thor, Vision, and Odin.

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