The New Powers of Butcher In The Boys Season 3 Can Help Him Deal With Ryan

The Boys will finally be back with another season featuring a lot more of the violence and action that we have gotten to see from them over the years. Things are going to reach a whole new level this time with things taking a turn for the absolutely crazy. We recently got a taste of the universe of characters with The Boys: Diabolical which featured a set of animated shorts based on the same universe of characters. Things are going to get a lot crazier this time with the first tease being Karl Urban’s Butcher getting superpowers. It seems that the new powers of Butcher in The Boys season 3 might actually help him deal with his son Ryan Butcher in the series.

The Boys Season 3

Fans have been waiting for a long time to see the crazy world of The Boys being explored again. It would be interesting to see the set of characters coming together again to fight against each other with a new superior being showing up. But this time around there is a lot more wildness to the narrative. Fans might remember one of the peak moments of craziness in the series being when Butcher and his crew go through a whale. But according to Eric Kripke, the man behind The Boys:

The first 10 minutes of the premiere totally tops the whale. It’s not just the craziest thing we’ve done, I think it might be the craziest thing anyone’s done.


Powers of Butcher In The Boys

One of the most exciting events in the series has to be the fact that Butcher seems to have gained powers. This is quite the contrast to his persona as he himself used to state that “the only good supe is a dead supe.” There is a chance that this will lead to an addition of a super in the group other than Kimiko and Starlight. While it might be a controversial move for the team, it might actually come in handy to have more ammunition when your enemies can explore peoples’ heads with laser vision. But this might also help the character of Butcher get along with his son Ryan Butcher.


Billy & Ryan Butcher

Last season we were introduced to the character of Ryan Butcher. This was actually the son of Homelander himself who had raped Becca Butcher. Ryan spent his early years in a Vought-sponsored bubble with his mother but things took a different turn when Homelander found out about them. Following this, we got to see a violent custody battle that ended with Billy promising to keep Becca’s son safe after she dies. The final moments of Season 2 saw Ryan heading for the care system and there was no clear indication whether he will continue to play an important role in the series going ahead.


But fans actually got to see the character appear in the trailer for season 3. This time things might head for the worse as we can see him being quite angry and that might be an indication that he still trying to control his powers. Even though Billy had become a father figure, he had a somewhat hatred for the kid. This actually works out considering he won’t have an understanding of the trauma that the kid faces as a developing superhero. But now that Butcher himself is joining the super club things might take an interesting turn with him getting some idea of what Ryan is going through.


Powers of Butcher In The Boys

The trailer even shows that Billy is actually suffering while trying to control his powers. But this might not prove to be the best thing that Becca might have wanted for her son to have as a father figure. Billy turning into a version of Homelander might not be the best thing Ryan needs right now. We can be sure that Ryan’s return in the next season means that the character will have an interesting arc that will develop quite differently in the series. Things might not be going well for the character and Billy getting his powers might head for the worse.


The Boys season 3 will premiere on Amazon Prime on 3 June.

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