New Casting Details For Spider-Man Homecoming 2 Hint At New Villains

Spider-Man: Homecoming was the first solo Spider-Man movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As we all know, Spider-Man made his debut in the first movie of Phase 3, Captain America: Civil War. The movie introduced Spidey into the MCU in the best way possible as his character arc was really great, to begin with. He was picked up by Tony Stark to fight alongside him against Team Cap if he wants to be a superhero. For someone who has never used his superpowers in the past, he was pretty badass when he lifted Cap’s Shield and fought against Ant-Man.

Then Spider-Man was fully established in Homecoming and we got a new potential big gun for the MCU in phase 4. Spider-Man Homecoming 2 will be continuing the story of Spidey just weeks after Avengers 4. So, whatever happens in Avengers 4 will not only have a big impact on the future of Spidey, and it will play directly into Spider-Man 2 as that is the first movie to follow up Avengers 4. As we it is obvious, that Tom Holland is going to return for the movie, but the rest of the cast is not yet confirmed.

We know that the story of the movie will be just weeks after the events of Avengers 4 have taken place.  But still, it is unclear that which direction the movie is going to pursue. Till now we only know the obvious characters that will be returning, which would be Ned, Aunt May, Michelle, Flash Thompson and may be other kids from Peter’s School. The first movie set up Scorpio as a future villain, and it also set up the return of Michael Keaton, but this is not confirmed that whether that set up was for the sequel or the 3rd part, so we don’t know for sure.

Marvel may want to bring up some fresh villains from the huge rogues gallery that Spider-Man has, and while Scorpion is a fresh villain and may show up in the sequel, there are some other potential names as well.  The new casting details of the movie may suggest which villains are going to show up in the sequel. A new report which has hit the internet specifies that casting director Sarah Finn is looking for a villain and a new high school aged male lead.

Details for the villain suggest that he may be responsible for Peter’s journey abroad and was described as someone with “elevated ideas.” For now, it is being said that Marvel is looking for a man or a woman of the age 35-40 years to play the antagonist’s part. Well this could very well mean that we could soon see the likes of Kraven The Hunter, Norman Orborn, Doctor Otto Octavius or even Mysterio to show up in the sequel for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Kraven The Hunter may be a top priority for Marvel since he has been in talks for quite a while. He has been suggested to be the big bad against Spider-Man and Black Panther in their sequels for a while now. But since Doctor Octopus was a huge villain in Sam Raimi’s Trilogy, people are surely not done with him and we would like to see a new version of him in Spider-Man 2. Along with these two and Scorpio, Norman Osborn could also be a big possibility since he is a big part of Peter’s life and Marvel would like to introduce him in the MCU.

Now, for the matter of the young actor they are looking for, the casting director needs an 18-24 year old male of any ethnicity for a lead role in the movie. Will if Norman Osborn is coming in, then we could easily get to see Harry Osborn as this young high school teenager as well. But since it has been mentioned that they are looking for a male of any ethnicity, this could probably hint at Miles Morales, since he had a sort of mention in the previous movie. Well, along with the villain and the new lead, we know that the cast of the movie is also going to add Foreign Exchange student. So, the total cast of this movie is going to be huge.

Spider-Man 2 will hit the theatres on July 5,2019.

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