10 Comic Superheroes Who Don’t Possess Superpowers- Ranked

Superheroes Don’t Possess Superpowers:

Holding superhuman powers usually makes one superhero. That is what the widely accepted definition of a superhero is. We can’t help but wonder what would become of our favorite superheroes if we take away their powers? We can’t say much about Superman or Thor, but we do know that there are heroes who don’t rely on superpowers, at all. We have listed some of the awesome superheroes who save the world without being gifted with extraordinary powers.

 10. Kick-Ass

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What makes Kick-Ass a superhero is his willingness and chivalry to fight crime. Lack of powers doesn’t deter him from standing strong in the face of danger. He surely has a high tolerance against pain, for damages and injuries don’t put him down.

 9. Catwoman

Batman Returns Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer

Even though Catwoman doesn’t hold any superhuman powers, we know that they can take out even the strongest of the strongest. Her cat-like agility, cunning brain, quick reflexes, and combat skills make her no less lethal.

 8. Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi has no supernatural powers yet he can be an asset to any combat team for his unbeatable Kung Fu skills. His experience and mastery in martial arts bring him on par with the superhumans. Training under the MI6 for years has only honed his strength and intellect more. Your jaws will drop while watching Shang-Chi dodge bullets merely with his super-fast reflexes.

 7. Hawkeye

New Hawkeye Show Replace Jeremy Renner

Everything that Hawkeye is today, as he stands shoulder to shoulder with the Avengers, is because of his perseverance and hard work. His archery and self-defense have been his biggest weapons while fighting aliens, Gods, and androids. Having been trained since childhood makes him formidable even to the Gods. He never misses a shot and can be deadly with his sword and martial art skills.

 6. Green Arrow

Superheroes Don’t Possess Superpowers

Green Arrow is one of DC’s most adept fighters. Oliver Queen was equally strong and formidable, standing next to Supergirl and Flash in crossovers. He was a billionaire once but being stranded on a deserted island for months forced him to learn archery and self-defense in order to survive. He can fire 2 arrows at 2 separate gun barrels at once. Oliver has also mastered in Judo, Taekwondo, and many more martial arts skills.

 5. Bat Family

Superheroes Don’t Possess Superpowers

You better don’t mess with the Bat-family where each and member can break your neck without a sweat on their forehead. Beginning with Robin, he is Batman’s sidekick who is well-trained in combat and acrobat and is an unbeatable assassin and detective. Batman’s cousin Batwoman, who was brought up by her colonel father, is also adept in martial arts.

 4. The Punisher

Captain America vs The Punisher

The Punisher is an anti-hero rather than a superhero but is no less formidable. Training in the military and possessing a wide range of lethal weapons enable shim to take down his enemies single-handedly.

 5. Black Widow

Black Widow’s time as an assassin in the Soviet Red Room honed her psychological and logical thinking. No one can foresee her next move, and before you know it, she has already taken down 5 goons at once without breaking a sweat. She was the leader of the Avengers team and even the ones with superhuman powers reported to her. Her agility and combat skills enabled her to fight the robots and aliens along with the Avengers. Her rigorous training, strength, and mind made her a mighty hero of Earth.

 2. Batman

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Batman is a self-made superhero and a mere human who was able to make Superman bleed. Bruce took life and fate in his own hands after his parents were murdered by a thug. He shifted all his focus to his mind and body, thus sharpening himself to be combat-ready. Today, he is not only feared by criminals but also stands at par with Superman.

 1. Iron Man

It was the genius Tony Stark and not the powerful Thor, who saved the universe from Thanos’ grasps. Neither time travel nor retrieving the universe would have been possible without Iron Man. His brilliant mind, innovations, and bravery made him the biggest superhero above all the Avengers. No doubt that his suits had superpowers such as rocket boots, ballistics, nuclear tech, and more. But all these powers were developed by him just like magic.

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