Marvel’s God-Bomb is a Weapon Designed to Kill All Gods in The Marvel Universe

God-Bomb is a Weapon to Kill All Gods in Marvel Universe:

Marvel Comics has a massive tryst with the Old and New Gods. Norse Gods, Greek Gods, Roman Gods, Egyptian Gods, Shinto gods, and Celtic Gods – every God from every extinct civilization has found a place within the Marvel Comic Book Universe. But when there are so many Pantheons to uphold, there are surely going to be some opposing factions. One such oppose, named Gorr, is well-known in the Marvel Comic Book Universe as someone who kills Gods for a living. His title is Gorr the God Butcher for a reason. And he has come up with a novel way to take down all Gods, and all at once using a massive ultimate God Killing weapon called the God Bomb.

God-Bomb is a Weapon to Kill All Gods in Marvel

Before we move on to explain more about the God Bomb – the end of all Gods, we have to say a few words about its creator. Gorr the God Butcher was once a normal individual trying to lead an ordinary life. He was born to a very poor couple and lived on a very desolate, nameless planet. Living hand to mouth every day, Gorr was still convinced that the Gods would one day answer their prayers and they would never go hungry again. Gorr’s parents died pretty soon due to starvation and Gorr was left to take care of himself and fend for his own in the harsh streets of his world. Gorr would later marry the love of his life, Arra and father numerous children, all of whom died at the hands of hunger and starvation. His wife Arra would soon die after an Earthquake hits his town. Gorr would witness his only surviving son Agar slowly slips into the jaws of death as hunger and poverty took their toll on him.

Gorr would start discrediting his community’s beliefs by claiming that he did not believe the Gods ever listened to his prayers. For his blasphemy views, Gorr was cast out from his community and he soon wandered into a dark forest where he saw two Gods – the Symbiote God Knull and a Gold armored Purple Skinned God battle each other. Gorr was enraged to see that Gods did exist but none of them actually cared to answer his prayers. Gorr would get his hands on the Necro Sword, and use it to decapitate the Purple Skinned God as an act of revenge. Bowing taking to a path of vengeance, Gorr becomes the God Butcher and starts working towards a single goal – Ushering in a Godless Age.

God-Bomb is a Weapon to Kill All Gods in Marvel

Gorr would leave a trail of godly blood and entrails behind as his rampage brought him to the Blue Planet of Earth. After butchering a God from the Americas, Gorr came into notice of Thor during the 9th Century. The Body of God washed up on the shores of Iceland where the Norse God of Thunder was present at the time. Deciding to investigate, Thor came into loggerheads with Gorr and both fought. Gorr almost won before Thor summoned a massive lightning strike to take them both down. Gorr would later capture Thor and torture him for 17 days. Thor never gave him anything. His Viking worshippers managed to infiltrate the cave Gorr was in and Thor used this opportunity to sever Gorr’s hand and escape.

God-Bomb is a Weapon to Kill All Gods in Marvel

Gorr survived. He then went on to gather more followers to help him wage war against the Gods in this unholy crusade. Hundreds of years passed by and Gorr gathered up millions of Dark Minions that became his troops. When a prayer from another dimension summoned Thor, he made an inference that the flurry of deaths of the Gods in this realm is the handiwork of someone whom Thor has already fought/ He believed that Gorr was responsible.  Most of the dimension’s deities were killed. Thor went into the same cave where Gorr had tortured him centuries ago. There Gorr attacks Thor, invades Chronux – the realm of the Time Gods, and takes over the Pool of Forevers – a mystical device that uses the blood of the Time Gods to enable Gorr to gain access to Time Travel.

God-Bomb is a Weapon to Kill All Gods in Marvel

The Chronux and the Pool of Forevers allowed Gorr to jump back and forth in time. Gorr went to the very dawn of time, slew an Elder God, and got his hands on his heart. He then went to the future timeline of Earth 14412, where he imprisoned all the other Gods of that timeline including All-Father Thor, whom he tortured over and over again for his failures. Gorr forced his enslaved God population to mine shattered planets and dead stars for resources to build the God Bomb. Using Earth 14412 as his base of operations, Gorr intended to complete the God Bomb and detonate it, which would send powerful shockwaves throughout the time stream and would kill all the Gods all over the Multi-Verse.

Marvel Universe

The God Bomb is a massive weapon designed by a God called Shadrak. Shadrak is a God hailing from the Diamond Moons from Oghogho. Gorr killed the rest of the Gods of the Diamond Moons but spared Shadrak when h said that he is actually the God of bombs. Shadrak proposed that if Gorr did not kill him, he would help him build the God Bomb – a weapon powerful enough to kill all Gods in all timelines. The God Bomb required an energy source powerful enough to charge it. And that is why Gorr the God Butcher invaded Chronux, killed the Time Gods, and took over the Pool of Forevers with the intention of riding the timeline, looking for a way to get his hands on the heart of an Elder God.

God-Bomb is a Weapon to Kill All Gods in Marvel

Using the Pool of Forevers, Gorr manages to pull a young Thor from an alternate timeline to be added to Gorr’s army of enslaved God labor. He young Thor is quick to defy Gorr and his commands. Even though 900 years of slavery has turned the other Gods into weak-willed individuals, Thor is still under the impression that Gorr could be defeated. There are some Gods within Gorr’s labor force who have collected bits and pieces from their mining endeavors at old planets and stars to create a bomb of their own. The bomb detonates but the blast radius and impact are too small to make a difference. The Gods lose all hope of ever breaking free.

Three Thors from different points in time and space battle Gorr simultaneously. Gorr manages to activate the bomb using the blood of an anonymous God to finally activate the weapon. The God Bomb detonates and Gods across time and space start suffocating on Black Goo as their flesh starts to disintegrate and fall off from their bodies. And that is when Thor dos the unthinkable and that is something even Gorr did not anticipate.

Marvel Universe

Taking Two Mjolnirs, one in each hand, Thor plunges into the heart of the God Bomb and absorbs all of its energies. In the end, as opposed to what Gorr believed that Gods only give fake promises, Thor actually fulfilled his duty as a God, answering to the prayers of the Gods who were dying due to the God Bomb Explosion. In the end, Thor did prove Gorr the God Butcher wrong.

God-Bomb is a Weapon to Kill All Gods in Marvel

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