10 Best Alternate Versions of Captain America – Ranked

World War II raged the main powers of the world, and amongst all this, the general public suffered. It was at this time that many superheroes merged out of the rubbles and one of them was Captain America, who later went to become the most iconic heroes of the past. But seemingly the writers had a different plan for him and decided to freeze him ice for 70 years. Later On, he was thawed out and became a part of the Avengers. The MCU run of the character was portrayed by Chris Evans and did a hell of a job with reviving the persona of the ‘First Avenger and help spread his name in all corners of the planet. Steve Rogers in the original narrative was a skinny little fellow who always wanted to join the army and to do his bit for his country. Later On, a rendezvous with Dr. Abraham Erskine changed his life completely, giving him the power, he always needed to help his country. But, never used it to oppress the weak or his enemies. Although Over the years Captain has been renditioned in several different characters, in the marvel comics. So, here is a list of alternate Versions of Captain America.

Hydra Cap

The alternate version of Captain America witnessed; the old Steve Rogers being returned to his former youth by the cosmic-powered Kobik. What very few knew that influenced by the Red Skull, Kobik had altered Steve’s mind to make him believe that he was a Hydra agent. And that Hydra was the pro-humanity-based organization, working towards human betterment. The narrative was a very gutsy move by Marvel and was lucky enough to pull it off, without any hiccups.

US Agent

The 1987 comic book narrative witnessed Captain America, retiring from his post of Captain America. The reason for retiring was the US government, which forced Steve to work under them to be able to continue as Captain America. Steve retired and took on the mantle of ‘Captain’. To fill up the position of Captain America, the US government turned to ‘John Walker’. Initially, all was well, but John even with his superhuman strength did not seem to have the compassion of Steve Roger’s. During the battle, he would often lose his temper and go out of control. The real shocker came when John lost his parents and went on a Rampage. Later on, a confrontation with Steve Rogers calmed him down and the Mantle was given back to Steve Rogers. John Walker became the US Agent, capable of awesome combat, but still reeked of bad behavior.

Iron Cap

Alternate Versions of Captain America

The Bullet Points narrative showcased an alternate version of Steve Roger’s journey. Dr. Erskine is unable to develop the super solider serum and is killed in action. Still adamant about fulfilling his duty for his country, Steve tries to look for ways to assist. It just so happens that Howard Stark builds a suit of armor that works like a single-man tank. With a bit of training, Steve is on the battlefield, marching and inspiring soldiers to victory. Later on in the series however he is crushed by Peter Parker, who transforms into the hulk in this reality. But one thing is certain, no matter which suits Steve Roger dons, he was always born to be a leader.

Isaiah Bradley

In 2001, a new dark narrative made its way to the comic bookshelf. The narrative showed how before the refined version of the serum was perfected, it was tried on multiple African-American soldiers. Of which one of the closest success serum, was given to an ‘Isaiah Bradley’. Isaiah went on several undercover missions behind enemy lines, by himself which implicated him for a court-martial.

Ultimate Cap

This alternate version of Captain America witnessed a lot more studier and stronger version of Steve Rogers, who was capable of taking out an army of an elite soldier without breaking a sweat. However, this version was king of a rustic with his 1940’s values and would often make weird comments relating to that time. But, this version of Cap was able to go up against Galactus within the same issue.

Peggy Carter

Alternate Versions of Captain America

In an alternate version that has still not been made public, witness Peggy Carter don the Mantle of ‘Captain America’. The plot unfolds where Red skull is seen taking Steve Rogers out of commission, way before he can take the super-soldier serum. Later Peggy Carter takes the serum and becomes the super solider instead.

Soldier Supreme

Marvel Infinity Warps Superheroes

The Infinity Warps timeline witnessed the most interesting take and narrative of displaying a Captain America, mastering the mystic arts. The Soldier Supreme also witnesses other characters like Dum Dum Fury and Bucky Wong, literally captioned as “the Winter Ghost” join the crusade. It’s a fun take on the original narrative.

Bucky Barnes

Alternate Versions of Captain America

In an alternate reality, Bucky and Steve are seen fighting battles side by side, until a fateful event left Steve in suspended animation. And saw Bucky take up the mantle of Captain America for some time. Bucky’s suit was more based on combat, but also allowed him to carry a gun. He kept the legacy of Captain America alive until cap snapped out of his sleep and came back. And bucky happily gave back the mantle to his friend.

Sam Wilson

Avengers: Endgame Captain America Chris Evans

In this alternate version, we witnessed Steve giving the mantle of Captain America to Sam Wilson. Sam Wilson is seen taking up the mantle with grace and combining his flying ability with the shield throwing capability. And giving the enemies a run for their money. During his tenure as the new ‘Captain America’, Sam faced a lot of backlash from the public. Especially because of his color, but that did not stop Sam Wilson from voicing out his opinion. His opinions were a lot harsher and truer than that of Captain America, which further made his image with the public very conflicting.

Super Soldier

Alternate Versions of Captain America

In 1996 Marvel and DC came together to launch the fun-filled Amalgam Universe. One of the most anticipated expectations was the merging of Captain America and Superman, which would give you Super Soldier. In this narrative we witness Clark Kent volunteering to be injected by DNA found on a crashed Kryptonian ship. He is seen taking up the identity of the Super Soldier, flying around with a shield and the letter ‘S’ engraved on the shield to fight an evil organization called the ‘Axis’. Clark is seen battling the villainous ‘Green Skull’ who is being portrayed by Lex Luthor, and also leads a group called the ‘Judgement League Avengers. It is a perfect portrayal of when two iconic heroes from two separate comics, come together on one common platform and perform the “Fusion” (like Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball GT).

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