Ross’ 7 Remarkable Quotes Cum One Liners

All of the characters were vivid in their distinct way and so was Ross Geller. He got finicky when he found out about Monica and Chandler and also when he got to know about Rachel and Joey. He annoys everyone by correcting them every time or when he starts to explain in details about anything. He is sweet and emotional when it comes to his love life, family and of course friends. Yet, he is funny, amazing, caring and everything that you ask for. Here’s a list of 7 of his remarkable quotes cum one-liners:

When Ross found it hard to accept that Rachel and Joey are in a relationship…


This one is quite classic. I mean seriously Ross…???


Our very own “UNAGI”


He can be sarcastic too. Good one Ross.


When Ross was trying to be serious. Oops..atleast he tried…


When he realizes, that he is completely into Rachel.


Well, he is so willing to correct you….”grammatically”

Misha Mehta

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