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  • 10 Reasons Why Ross Geller Is Weird

    This gang is just so breath-taking. Each and every character has their own peculiar qualities. But you definitely can’t beat Ross Geller. Look at 10 reasons why Ross Geller is weird. 1) He is just so judgmental. And he is judgemental, almost all the time. He thinks he knows everything and probably thinks himself to be the supreme power. He…

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  • David Schwimmer Says ‘Friends’ Almost Ruined His Life

    Friends star David Schwimmer, popularly dubbed as Ross Geller in the sitcom, revealed that it almost ruined his life. The 49-year old actor claimed that he struggled to balance his life and his fame. He said the series had a devastating effect on his personal life. Schwimmer recalled his days when he turned into a global star at 27. He…

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  • Ross’ 7 Remarkable Quotes Cum One Liners

    All of the characters were vivid in their distinct way and so was Ross Geller. He got finicky when he found out about Monica and Chandler and also when he got to know about Rachel and Joey. He annoys everyone by correcting them every time or when he starts to explain in details about anything. He is sweet and emotional…

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