10 Reasons Why Ross Geller Is Weird

This gang is just so breath-taking. Each and every character has their own peculiar qualities. But you definitely can’t beat Ross Geller. Look at 10 reasons why Ross Geller is weird.

1) He is just so judgmental.


And he is judgemental, almost all the time. He thinks he knows everything and probably

thinks himself to be the supreme power. He leaves no chance to judge someone.

2) He whines about everything.


Yes, he WHINES all the time and almost about everything. That’s what he is really good at.

3) He is just so melodramatic.


No matter how melodramatic you are, he can always take that a notch higher and that too with all the confidence. Yeah, you read it right.

4) He never hesitates to cry.


And by the way that happens every now and then. I guess he has got a Ph.D. or something into crying. I am sure he feels something good about crying and this proves why he loves doing I all the time.

5) He talked about dinosaurs as a kid and he still does that.


Probably dinosaurs are his first love. Is that the reason why he ends up getting divorced?

6) He can’t stand anyone who dates Rachel.


He is pretty good at making situations difficult for those who date Rachel. He is a master at making things awkward.

7) He said wrong the name at his own wedding. I mean who does that?


Who does that? Ross of course. He has got the power to ruin almost anything and everything. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he gets married all the time.

8) He thinks he is funny.


Well, is he funny? Yes, No, Maybe?

9) He can be awkward at times or maybe all the time.


He has got the capability to be awkward.

10) And finally, He is simply weird. No reasons required.


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