Motorcycle Accident FAQs 

Motorcycle accidents are as dangerous as they are unpredictable. The victims often end up suffering bruises, acute scrapes, disabling and sometimes fatal injuries. Traumatic and fatal head injuries are also not uncommon.

When one falls victim to an accident on their bike, it’s common to wonder about their legal remedies, especially in getting compensated. The following is a guide offering background information on commonly asked questions about motorcycle accidents. 

How Long Will The Case Take?

The injuries suffered from a motorcycle accident tend to be quite severe. This means that your case may take some time before completion. It’s best not to rush your accident case since any extra injuries or complications to trial may not be included when you make a rushed settlement.

However, if your injuries weren’t severe and the attorney effectively proved the liability, then you can expect the claim settlement procedure to be completed sooner, sometimes by five to eight months. However, if your claim has to go to trial, it might take a couple of years before the case is completely wrapped up. 

Litigation can be quite a lengthy process; however, with a great Austin motorcycle accident lawyer, you can have the assurance of an outcome that was worth the wait. Inquire from your attorney about how long the case will take. 

How Much Money to Expect from a Motorcycle Accident

Every accident will always be different from the other; previous motorcycle settlements reflect this fact. While one victim may walk away with up to seven-figure settlements, others walk away with a few thousand dollars. The amount in a settlement is based on several factors: lost wages, property damage, medical costs, and severity of the injury.

The best way to determine your case’s actual value is to consult a motorcycle accident lawyer and evaluate your case. Personal injury claims and accident claims are meant to compensate you, so rest assured that as long as you have a reasonable attorney by your side, you will get nearly complete, if not maximum, compensation for your losses and injuries.

What Do I Do if an Insurance Company Contacts Me After the Accident?

Refrain from answering questions about the accident. Insurance investigators will often ask seemingly innocent questions. However, the questions are often designed to lead people to say something that the insurance companies can allure to reduce your claim or deny it entirely.

When you receive such a call, simply inform the investigator that you already hired an attorney to whom they should address their questions. A seasoned motorcycle accident attorney has been in the field long enough to identify the trick questions and knows exactly how to handle them.

How Do I Prove I Wasn’t at Fault?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are prone to dabbing motorcycle riders as reckless commuters that often skirt traffic laws knowingly. Proving that the other driver was at fault is essential to you winning your case.

The best way to prove liability is by documenting the accident scene firsthand. Take photos and videos of the crash. Include a recording of the surrounding, the weather, road signs, speed limits, or bumps.

Additionally, get the contacts of any possible witnesses to the crash. Such first-hand evidence is often hard to dispute.

Get Justice for Your Injuries

If you got injured in a motorcycle accident, you might collect compensation for injuries suffered by the at-fault driver’s insurance companies. As much as handling a claim may feel a bit overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time, know that it gets less strenuous as the case proceeds and facts are laid out.

If you have more questions, invest in an experienced attorney, and do not shy away from asking them anything regarding your case. Remember, the personal injury and accident laws are there to protect you, so do not fail to explore that opportunity.

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