7 People Who Are Shockingly Bizarre In Looks

Every time we go out to attend parties and events, we make sure we look good and perfect from all. In order to be the center of attraction we dress well, especially women, apply make-up to look good, but there are people around the world who love to kick it up a notch. And you just won’t like but you can’t ignore them. Today we bring you a compilation of seven people who have bizarre physical feature.

1. Julia Gnuse

Julia Gnuse is an epitome of walking art. She has got tattoos which cover 95 percent of her body. Is she a zombie or what? She does not seem real. Moreover, the 61-year was crowned as the most tattooed woman in the world.

2. Elisany da Cruz Silva 

Elisany da Cruz Silva is the tallest girl in the world and the best part of her story is that she has a boyfriend who is just 5feet 4inches and she is 6.9 feet.

3. Big Beshine

Sometimes people are not satisfied with the “big” and love everything massive just like this 27-year old European woman, Big Beshine. She has largest boobs in the world, with each of them weighing 42 pounds. In case you are like “ Are they serious?” Of course, they are.

4. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein is one of the scariest entries in our list. She is better known for her bizarre physical appearance. She is known for having extensive surgeries with a desire to have features like a cat. And she has spent over $4 million dollars until now. She should be living in the streets with other cats as well.

5. Christine Walton

Christine Walton,45, from Las Vegas has the longest nails in the world. Her left-hand nails are10ft 2in and 9ft 7in on her right hand. Are you crazy? The world is weird.

6. Valeria Lukyanova 

This one is the strangest entries in this compilation. Valeria Lukyanova is living human Barbie doll. Except for her breasts, she has a natural body due to her strict workout regime and special meals she eats. She is magical.

7. Maria Jose Cristerna


Maria Jose Cristerna crosses all the limits to be a freak. She is known as the Vampire Woman of the world. She was a normal human being who once decided not to stay normal to herself. She has tattoos all over her body, she has got titanium horn inserted in her head with vampire teeth.

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