Daredevil Once Went Insane, Dressed Himself as Thor And Pretended to be His Twin

Daredevil Dressed Himself as Thor:

When they say comic books, we always thought they meant superheroes. We never thought comic books could mean ‘comic’ books. Marvel Comics is one of the two greatest comic book publications on the planet. They rule the superhero genre. Many fans all over the world idolize the artists over at Marvel Comics for coming up with crazy superheroes and even crazier storylines to keep us entertained throughout the years. But sometimes they do slip up. And when they do, the laughter parade comes knocking. There is this one time they wrote a hilarious piece for Daredevil and Thor. And we think you all should know about it.

Daredevil is known as the man without fear. He is blind but has all his other senses super enhanced and even has a sixth sense called the Radar Sense that allows him to see sonic waves. Daredevil is also one of Marvel Comics’ most grounded and down to Earth characters. He is a respected figure and is the guardian angel of Hell’s Kitchen, protecting it against the tyranny of crime and evil of the Kingpin. Even with all those credentials and reputation, he ended up draped in someone else’s clothes. He might have had his reasons but that will not stop us from laughing.  Thor will not be pleased. He just might go for the head this time.

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In Daredevil #25 by Stan Lee, Frank Giocoia, and Gene Colan, we see Matt Murdock being cornered by Foggy Nelson and Karen Page, his friends at work, who have almost figured out and suspected that he is the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. So Matt Murdock does the most logical and sensible thing ever. He dresses up as someone else, and tries to throw Karen and Foggy off track by stating that he is not Matt but his evil and a crazy twin brother named Mike Murdock! As we said, such a level headed approach!! He is an inspiration to us all.

Daredevil Dressed Himself as Thor

In the end, Matt Murdock manages to convince not just Foggy but the rest of the world that Daredevil is his evil twin brother Mike Murdock. In Daredevil #30, Matt realizes that two super villains that go by the name of Cobra and Mister Hyde are committing a series of crimes throughout New York. Mister Hyde and Cobra remain unfazed by Daredevil but they have fought and have been defeated by Thor before. So to draw them out into the open and intimidate them, Matt Murdock goes the Mike Murdock route again and dresses up as the Mighty Thor Odinson, God of Thunder.

Daredevil Dressed Himself as Thor

Thor soon learns of a duplicate God of Thunder in the streets of New York. And he lands upright in front of the Impostor Thor who is fighting Cobra and Mister Hyde at the time. It all gets very confusing in the end until Thor blows the Impostor Thor’s Daredevil costume off of him, revealing it was Daredevil all along. Now that is some top-notch layered storyline folks!!

Cobra and Mister Hyde are caught in the end by the way. And Matt Murdock loses his Radar Sense for a while and had to give up crime-fighting for some issues before he regained his sensory powers back.

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