5 WTF Moments Captain America Comics Have Given To The World

Comics often have some out there stories, and Captain America is not excluded from the craziness. Here are five what the f*** moments that Captain America comics have given to the world:

People Don’t Die Easily

In the comic world, it is possible to see characters to live a little bit longer than normal people, but it seems like every other character in Captain America from his time just cannot die. Apart from Steve Rogers, there is Nick fury who takes regular doses of the infinity formula, Black widow who received her own Russian version of what he went through,Bucky aka Winter Soldier whom the Russians saved with suspended animation and Red Skull, who has transferred bodies, been cloned and had his own experience with suspended animation.

Red Skull Abducts Professor X’s Brain

In the Uncanny Avengers, Captain America’s old foe decides that mutants cannot exist and should all die.He proceeds to dig up Professor Charles Xavier’s body(which had been killed by a Dark Phoenix-possessed Cyclops) and puts parts of the Professor’s brain into his own.The villain uses his new powers to create mass riots against mutants and even takes over Captain America before the Avengers finally put a stop to it.

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Amy Fanai

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