8 Superheroes Who Were Defeated By Black Panther

Black Panther has massively grown his popularity due to his appearance in Civil War and having his own solo movie coming next year. He is one of the most powerful Superheroes of Marvel comics. Here are the superheroes that lost to him.


While Spiderman turned out to shine much more than the Panther in Civil War, it was actually the opposite in the comics. Spiderman was once investigating Panther for a crime he was framed for and Spidey was shocked when Panther was able to grab him and smash him through a desk.

Iron Man

Iron Man had to take on the king of  Wakanda once in a fight against him and the story ended with Panther showing the lengths he would go to if need be, which included shutting down Iron Man’s artificial heart!

Captain America

Yes, the super soldier himself lost to Black Panther once. In the comic issue ‘Black Panther #24, Black Panther takes out Captain America pretty easily, noting that he could have stomped Cap’s head like a grapefruit if he had wanted to.


In a comic where the X-Men and Avengers were pitted against each other, and Cyclops had to just press a button to shoot laser but, Panther was so fast that he knocked Cyclops to the ground before he could even press a simple button!


There was an instance where Deadpool and Black Panther had gotten into a very brutal battle which actually ended with the Panther throwing the merc with a mouth out of a window onto the street below.

Fantastic Four

Black Panther first debuted in a Fantastic Four Comics series and he took out the team alone through a series of Batman-like advanced plans and traps in his debut itself.


Silver Surfer

Black Panther

Silver Surfer is one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel universe and was beaten by Black Panther not once but twice! The first time Panther used a special arm hold to pin Silver Surfer’s arm behind his back and the second time he used a device based on Doctor Doom’s classic Power Cosmic-draining device to drain the Surfer.


Once the X-Men and Panther were in a neighboring Wakandan country and that appeared to be messing around with mutated animals. Seeing Panther there, Wolverine automatically asked him why he was there and Panther then shocked him by grabbing him and simply tossing him across the room.

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