5 WTF Moments Captain America Comics Have Given To The World

Captain America Fought Wolverine As A Werewolf

While fighting Nightshade who is more or less Queen Of The Werewolves, the Captain is injected with a serum that turns him into a werewolf. Despite the dramatic change, Steve is still his normal self. But when he encounters a very test Wolverine who is just looking for a fight, the animal in Captain America comes out and he slashes out Wolverine’s eyes and throws him from their battle.

He Loves The Carter Ladies

Steve Rogers had a short romance with Agent Peggy Carter, the bad ass who fought with him during World War II. But after his circumstance of being cryogenically frozen for half a century, the romance did not last. Agent Carter had aged and was now a victim of Alzheimer’s Disease.   Steve goes on to have a relationship with his niece Agent 13, whom for a short time was also Carter’s sister in the comics.

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