10 Mutants Who Are Better Acrobats Than Even Spider-Man

Mutants Better Acrobats Than Spider-Man:

Spider-Man is one of the most acrobatic and agile characters in the history of comic books. But he is far from being the best at it. There are mutant superheroes within the Marvel Comic book Universe itself who could do it much better than our friendly, wall-crawling, neighborhood superhero.

 1. Daken

Daken is the son of Wolverine during his time in Imperial Japan. Logan’s long lost son of Japanese heritage, Daken was manipulated into a path of villainy by Romulus. All his life, Daken blamed his father Wolverine for the murder of his mother and made it his life;-long mission to hurt him with anything and everything he could find. Daken was trained by Romulus in the art of close combat and espionage.

Mutants Better Acrobats Than Spider-Man

He is second only to Wolverine in terms of unarmed combat prowess. But when it comes to agility, he is miles ahead of his father. Daken has combined his close combat tactics with his acrobatic skills to create a deadly fighting style that explores an opponent’s weak points and blind spots. His agility even allows him to maintain a level of stealth and reappear in places as if he teleported there much like Spider-Man and Deadpool.

 2. Psylocke

Elizabeth Braddock is the sister of Captain Britain. She is also a mutant superhero herself and calls her-self Psylocke. Psylocke has the power to use both telepathy and telekinesis in combat. She is a deadly martial artist and warrior and a veteran X-Man. Psylocke is an extremely skilled fighter. Her agility stems from the rigorous training she received under various masters. She received Ninja training from the Hand, where he is considered to be a prodigy. She is better than most fighters of the Crimson Dawn. Psylocke was personally trained by an alternate reality version of Ogun as well as Sabretooth from the Age of Apocalypse timeline. Nobody has ever been able to figure out the fighting style of Psylocke because she is that quick on her feet.

 3. Gambit

Facts About Mutant Gambit

The Cajun Master Thief uses his charm and guile to get things done. His mutant power of charging objects – animate or inanimate with an explosive kinetic energy that would make any object he holds a potential IED in battle, make him one of the most feared mutants in the world. But his greatest asset is his experience as a master acrobat. Gambit was trained by the Thieves’ Guild on not just the act of stealing but also imparted with ways on how to deal with situations your-self if backed up into a corner.

As a thief, Gambit has learned how to be quick like a cat and always remain on the edges of his toes. Remy is a proficient user of Savate, a French martial art form. He is amazingly agile with a Bo-Staff and has been seen taking down multiple armed enemies at a time without even using his powers.

 4. Beast

Before even Beast received his secondary mutation, he was already super-fast and nimble on his feet. But after Hank develop a secondary mutation and his body underwent a metamorphosis of sorts into a feline form, Beast gained additional powers, including heightened reflexes and agility. Beast’s agility is complemented by his super-human strength and unique anatomy. There were times Beast took down squadrons of Shield agents using nothing but his close combat skills.

His reflexes make him a very adept fighter. He was trained in the art of combat by Captain America himself. Professor Charles Xavier should also be credited for turning Beast into such an amazing warrior. Despite looking so feline and ghastly, Beast is one of the most intelligent and smartest people on the planet, having accomplished incredible feats in various disciplines like genetics, chemistry, biology, and neuroscience.

 5. Night Crawler

Mutants Better Acrobats Than Spider-Man

Now, this is a guy who closely resembles Spider-Man when it comes to most of his abilities. Like Spider-Man, Night Crawler is also good at wall-crawling and stealth. He possesses the Neyaphemian ability of teleportation, which comes in real handy in a fight or while trying to escape. Night Crawler’s anatomical superiority over his opponents allows him to dance around the battlefield. When combined with his teleportation powers, it turns him into an unstoppable force of nature. He is a devout Catholic even though he has demonic heritage. Night Crawler was once a famed circus acrobat and performer. He is also skilled in sword fighting and fencing.

 6. Toad

Almost always sidelined as an asset to his team, Mortimer Toynbee has always been a punching bag for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in general and Magneto in particular. As his name suggests, Toad has all the abilities of a Toad. His physical appearance and attributes allow him to have super-human agility. He can jump extremely high and leap very long distances. Like Spider-Man, Toad can also remain hidden in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. His other abilities include the power to secrete a powerful adhesive that can even immobilize Wolverine. It also doubles up as a neurotoxin Toad also has a prehensile tongue that can help him attack his foes from a distance. Toad could have been a more popular warrior within the Mutant cadre if not for his fragile psyche.

 7. X-23

Mutants Better Acrobats Than Spider-Man

Born out of a damaged sample of Wolverine’s DNA, Laura Kinney aka Subject X23 has all the powers of Wolverine. She was trained from birth to kill Logan. Since Logan is a highly proficient and nigh un-killable warrior him-self, Laura had to have additional traits to trump the fight in her favor. She was trained in the art of espionage. She will always opt for playing dirty if the fight is tilting against her favor. Her healing factor is said to be better than Wolverine. But what sets her a class apart is her nimbleness and agility. Laura is probably the most agile fighter on this list. Her close combat skills are legendary. She also possesses super-human senses that allow her to remain one step ahead of her enemies at all times.

 8. Sabretooth

A feral mutant and the half-brother of Wolverine, Victor Creed was a member of the Weapon X program. He was also the person who manipulated Wolverine into volunteering for an experiment that resulted in the Adamantium skeleton and claws that are his signature weapons today. Sabretooth. Sabretooth’s natural agility is augmented by his innate ferocity. He is the fiercest warrior in this list. Having been trained by Weapon X, the CIA, the United States Armed Forces, as well as his time as a freelance mutant mercenary when he was a part of Team X has turned him into a seasoned veteran. Sabretooth’s acrobatic traits stem from the amazing healing factor that replaces all broken tissues within moments and gives him added strength and speed. The upper limits of his agility are not known.

 9. Azazel

Mutants Better Acrobats Than Spider-Man

Azazel is a Neyaphem. He is, in reality, a demon who is so old he is said to hail from the Biblical Times. Father to three prominent mutants – Night Crawler, Kiwi Black, and Abyss, Azazel has had a long and tumultuous history with humanity. He has been a part of the deadly Hell Fire Club. Azazel has all the powers of Night Crawler but they are much stronger than Kurt Wagner’s. His flexible bone structure allows Azazel to do contortionist feats not even the greatest of human contortionists could perform in their dreams. He has micro-suction discs on his body that allow him to scale walls like Spider-Man. Azazel is also an extremely adept fighter. He uses his ability to teleport in conjunction with the rest of his prehensile powers – a rather deadly combination.

 10. Deadpool

Joker to Become The Highest Grossing R-Rated Movie

Last but not the least we have Wade Wilson aka our very own Deadpool. If you have seen the movie, you know what we mean. The guy’s like a cheetah crossed with a monkey. He is fats. He is unpredictable. And he looks good doing it. Give him a sword, a knife, a grenade, a gun, or even a freaking banana for crying out loud and Deadpool will find a way to get the job done. Deadpool’s fighting prowess is so legendary not even Wolverine has managed to figure out a way to predict his moves. Plus who would want to mess around with a guy that is that quick and has no qualms over hurting him-self just to make the enemy squirm??

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