10 Amazing Thor Storylines That Movies Never Showed Us

Thor Storylines Movies Never Showed:

The Marvel Superhero inspired by Norse mythology has become a popular character since the inception of MCU movies. Even though most of the original mighty Avengers have taken an exit from the movies, Thor will still be around for some time. That’s because he has a plethora of adventures and storylines that even the studios can’t capture. Having roots from old mythology gives the modern era superhero a variety of narratives to play with. We have attempted to mention the ten best Thor storylines in the comics that every fan must know. Since the list of his adventures is unfathomable, you can share your favorite Thor story that we have missed.

 1. Whom The Gods Would Destroy

Thor Storylines Movies Never Showed

This is one of the most interesting chapters of Thor’s adventures. It sees the Norse God fight against the Greek God, Hercules. Yes, Thor was not the only Marvel God. Thor Vs Hercules has been an age-old debate. Even though Hercules is considered as the God of strength, Thor turned out to be stronger and more powerful than the Greek legend on many occasions.

 2. Thor: Ages of Thunder

Thor Storylines Movies Never Showed

These tales of the God of Thunder date back to his proud youth. It is a dynamic collection of Thor’s victories and blows before he had joined the Avengers. Here we see him accompanied by an Asgardian army to battle for their realms and people.

 3. Thor: The Goddess Of Thunder

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This time a mysterious woman replaces the God of Thunder as he is plagued by something dark. He is unable to lift his hammer anymore which has been struck on the surface of the Moon. Tensions rise in Thor’s absence as the Earth is under attack by Frost Giants. Right then, a woman with a hidden identity comes to everyone’s rescue with her mighty weapon, the Mjolnir.

 4. The Mighty Frog

Instead of transforming himself this time, Thor’s mischievous brother Loki curses him into a frog. It’s one of the most bizarre issues where we see the Frog of Thunder wage war against rats because being a frog didn’t change Thor’s warrior nature. Thunder Frog’s allies that time were alligators from the sewers.

 5. Beta Ray Bill

Thor Storylines Movies Never Showed

Beta Ray Bill almost had a part in Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War but didn’t make it to the final cut. He was a horse-faced fan-favorite character who also proved himself to be worthy of Thor’s Mjolnir. This led Odin to convince the dwarves in Nidavellir to create the Stormbreaker for Beta Ray Bill. Bill became an alias of Thor and fought alongside him during the Ragnarok in Asgard.

 6. The Mighty Thor: Disassembled

Unlike the movies, the city of Asgard was destroyed more than once. The Disassembled storyline was a crossover of all the Marvel heroes including Avengers and Fantastic Four. As Ragnarok falls upon Asgard again, it is up to Thor to save his city. However, this marks the end of Asgard as well as Thor.

 7. Thor Returns

Thor Storylines Movies Never Showed
Thor Storylines Movies Never Showed

This issue comes as an aftermath of the Ragnarok. Thor disappears from the comics for a long time after the destruction of Asgard. He later returns to Earth to seek Tony Stark’s help in rebuilding Asgard in Oklahoma. Unlike the movies, Stark created the new Asgard aka Asgardia in a floating version in Broxton.

 8. Gorr the God Butcher

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Gorr the God Butcher was a sinister entity who was hell-bent on slaying all the gods in the Marvel Universe. Thor has fought this villain in many eras. The final battle against Gorr saw three versions of Thor emerging from different timelines to destroy his nemesis for good.

 9. Siege

In another Ragnarok, the city of Asgard was invaded by Norman Osborn, aided by Dark Avengers. Even though Loki sacrifices his life in this war, Thor isn’t alone as he has the support of mighty Avengers including Captain America and Iron Man this time.

 10. First Blood! Last Man!

This storyline surrounded the villain Skurge the Executioner. He was an Asgardian warrior who also appeared in Thor: Ragnarok beside Hela. It was Hela who turned Skurge into an executioner. He was the illegitimate son of Storm Giant and an Asgardian goddess, thus bestowing upon him with powers of both giants and Gods.

Other honorable mentions are-

The Death of Mighty Thor

Thor Storylines Movies Never Showed
Thor Storylines Movies Never Showed

Everything Burns

Thor Vs. Mangog

Thor Storylines Movies Never Showed
Thor Storylines Movies Never Showed
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