Why Captain America Did Not Cause An Incursion

The Marvel Cinematic Universe exploded after the release of Multiverse of Madness, not because the movie was ground-breaking but because it introduced us to a whole new world and a whole new threat. Multiverse of Madness was supposed to be the tether in this cruel world of the MCU, but it turned out to be one of the most confusing experiences we have ever had. The thing with this movie was that we could not figure out the rules of multiversal travel even after seeing and analyzing the footage. We have so many questions. Like why Captain America did not cause an incursion simply by staying in the past?

Captain America's Time Travel Explained

If multiverses are created when someone makes a different choice then surely there are separate timelines where Captain America chooses to stay in the past and somewhere he chooses to return. Hence, one can argue that the original Captain America is the one who was frozen in ice and was thawed out by Fury. While the one who traveled back in time was someone else entirely. Basically, both of them are supposed to belong to different timelines as per the rules of Marvel’s multiverse and yet they both seem to exist simultaneously in the same timeline. It is quite perplexing to see such a notion of plot convenience from someone as meticulous as Marvel Studios.


Why Captain America Did Not Cause An Incursion

We do not blame you if you are confused by this argument. You see, the people who made the movie are unsure about the consequence of Steve’s time travel as well. Hence, the matter is prone to some level of debate. The Russo brothers claimed that Steve’s time travel might have created a new timeline while the writers of Endgame claimed that he lived in the same timeline. It seems that Marvel has not concluded the reasoning behind the issue. But let me try to decode the issue.


We know that only big events and changes cause waves in reality causing a nexus event and hence creating a separate universe. If the choice is not big enough to create waves then there is no nexus event and no creation of a new timeline. This was explained in Loki season 1 when they explained the variance energy and also in Agents of SHIELD season 7 when the agents traveled back in time. So it seems that we have the answer to why Captain America did not cause an incursion.


Captain America did not cause an incursion

There was no variance energy created by Steve by the act of traveling back in time. But after he decided to settle in the past, there was a conscious decision to not make any waves in a way that his future would not be affected. Steve decided to live a calm home life with Peggy and not make changes to the past that would cause any changes to the time stream. This means that he and Peggy both made a conscious effort to not create a nexus event. This ensured the relative stability of their home life and made sure that Steve would be found by Fury in the future and the MCU could happen as it happened.


The Past And The Future

Steve was not privy to the intricacies of time travel but he must have known from Peggy’s conduct all these years that there was something going on under the covers. We never saw Peggy’s husband and the fans had their suspicions for a long time. Hence, when we saw an older Steve at the end of the Endgame, all the light bulbs went off at the same time. We think this was the Eureka moment for everyone and it has stayed that way for some time now.


Why Captain America did not cause an incursion? Because he and Peggy never did anything that would create a nexus event in the timeline and separate it from the sacred timeline.

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