8 Bloodiest Fights In Comics That Shook The Fans

The very concept of superhumans came out to fascinate the people by showing and depicting abilities beyond their capacity so that mentally one thrives to maximize their abilities. Hence to prove and depict the superior abilities, there has to be something or someone to compare to and what better than the punches, kicks and fist fights. Listed down are eight reckless fights of all time.

Flash vs Reverse Flash

Barry Allen, with no intentions to, changed the timeline to a point where earth started destroying on the core while trying to inverse the killing of his mother by Reverse Flash by going back into time. When he went back in time, he had to face Reverse Flash, who had almost beaten down flash to death. This fight was a little more bloody than the rest of all because, despite all super speed, it wasn’t about the speed.

Hulk vs Thanos

While Zombie Galacti, a group of Marvel creations, were strolling through the universe, decided to munch all, anything, and everything on the track. Thanos got aggressive about the fact that Hulk was eating more than his share as a response to which Hulk says that he’s “eating for two” and destroys Thanos head with a clap.

Captain America vs Iron Man

Tony Stark Kidnapped Ulysses Cain who had the power to determine future to oppose the wants of Captain America, who wanted to use Ulysses to predict crime and this created second civil war amongst Captain America, Iron Man and their teams. Though it was heartbreaking to see the two fight but was indeed the bloodiest adventure.

Batman vs Joker

Well, Joker has taken more from Bats than anyone, no one else has the guts to chop the hands of Bruce’s butler, kill his protege, or kidnap the entire Bat-family, but the time when he actually killed the Bat himself was in Emperor Joker, where the clown had the powers of a God, that he and he tortured and killed and resurrected the Dark Knight every day. In the 1960s, the Joker even got physically powerful. So much so that he went toe to toe with the Batman in hand to hand combat.

Batman vs Superman

Well, no mere mortal can even think of defeating the Man of Steel, except Luthor, who only thinks about it. But the Dark Knight has repeatedly defeated the Man of Steel, most notably in the film, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, where he can be seen in an armoured suit, having Kryptonite weapons, Green Arrow by his side, all breaking the Man Of Steel real bad. What’s best is that after all this he fakes his own death.

Batman vs Bane


Batman here had come in after a long night of fighting criminals. Bane who has discovered Bats’ identity is waiting for him at his place. Here the two have a really good hand to hand combat session, Bats is nowhere even close to the mind boggling venomous strength of Bane but still tries his best, but in the end, is bested by the big Bane who doesn’t just easily defeat Batman but breaks him. Body and soul. The back breaking scene here is pretty famous and the entire moment was also used in Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Hulk vs The Thing

This one was sure to take place, well it is the two strongest fighters in the Marvel Universe. Of course the Hulk is way more stronger than the Thing but still, both can go on for hours. That’s not all, once the Hulk, in taking revenge from the Avengers smashes his way into New York, where he’s faced by the Fantastic Four. The Thing takes on him but gets defeated.

Superman vs Doomsday

Doomsday, as the name suggests is Superman’s Doomsday. He was created in order to kill Superman, which he even did bring probably the biggest shock of all in the comics when the seemingly unbreakable Superman died. He and Doomsday go all out, and it is in their final blow that they strike towards each other, having all their energy, which hits both at the same time with such intensity that at the end of the battle Doomsday is dead, and Superman dies a heroic death in the arms of Lois Lane.

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