10 Superheroes Who Have Crushed Hulk In A Fight

The Hulk is probably the most powerful Avenger and can ‘Smash’ almost any opponent standing in front of him. One might think that he is invincible and unbeatable, but thinking that would be totally incorrect. Many Superheroes have been able to take down the Hulk in a fight. Here is a list.

Silver Surfer

Many would Argue that Hulk’s limitless strength would allow him to take down the Silver Surfer, but, that is not true. Silver Surfer has the ability to manipulate matter and energy reach levels near omnipotence. In “The Incredible Hulk #250” the Surfer simply willed away Bruce’s gamma affliction, which all but removed The Hulk from Bruce. So, he took out Bruce which ended up taking out the Hulk.


We all have wanted a live-action Hulk and Wolverine match up for a long time now, but it’s not possible because of the rights. Well, there has been a battle in the comics already, in the Old man Logan Storyline where the Banner actually eat Wolverine and he then carved him from the inside and came out alive.

Iron Man

We all say Tony taking down Hulk with the Hulkbuster armor in Avengers Age of Ultron when he became out of control. He did a similar thing in the comics as well and Iron man has won in various other ways too, and multiple times.


As with many characters in the Marvel Universe, Deadpool has gone toe-to-toe with the Incredible Hulk on multiple occasions. Almost every time he is crushed and comes back due to his healing factor. He has succeeded once in actually taking down the Bruce in his comic series- “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe”.


While Thor 3 will have Thor taking on the Hulk on the big screen, we all pretty much know who the winner is going to be over there (Hulk). But, Thor has actually beaten him in the comics when both lost control of themselves and went into God mode. Ultimately, the God of Thunder won.


Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was once imbued with awesome cosmic might in “Spectacular Spider-Man”#158. He gained insane powers which increased his speed, agility, gave him telekinetic control over his webbing and further increased his strength. The Hulk was no match against that.


Namor is a character with a lot of potentials and is yet to be introduced in the MCU. But the king of Atlantis has taken on him in the comics. He usually relies on his contact with water as he gets incredible strength through that, and that is what aided him against the Incredible Hulk.

The Thing

We have always wanted to see a fight of Hulk against the Thing. Well, it has happened multiple times in the comics. Even though Stan Lee thinks that Bruce would emerge victorious in this particular battle, he has been proven wrong according to the comics as he knocked him clean out in “Incredible Hulk” #350.


The strongest character in the DC comics universe is, of course, the world renowned Superman. A match-up between the Hulk and the man of steel would be really tough and almost never end. Superman’s constant usage of heat vision actually wore down the Hulk and allowed the Kryptonian to win.



Well, this seems highly unlikely, but it has actually happened and the reason is not just “because he’s Batman”. Batman uses sleeping gas on Banner, who defends himself by simply holding his breath. It works, until Batman launches a precise kick into the Hulk’s solar plexus, causing him to breathe in and subsequently fall.

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