9 Marvel and DC Super-Villains Who Lost Their Humanity

There are a lot of nasty super-villains that do a lot of bad stuff, and then there are these guys who are the limit to evil. Be it killing millions or reeking havoc in more than one countries these are some super-villains that just don’t know when to stop:

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor definitely not your model entrepreneur, the tycoon and even at a time President of the U.S.A. Lex Luthor too has a big death count. He himself doesn’t kill much but allows a lot of killing to happen or outsources it. Oh, and he too has his hands dirty with the blood of over 100,000 Kryptonians of New Krypton. Apart from that too he has been responsible for killing many people while he was on earth, it may be by the people he hired or the machines he made, but still, it was by him.


Ares is one of Wonder Woman fiercest enemies and not just that is also the God of War. Well, let’s just take into consideration that how many was has been raised on earth and how much bloodshed has spread. These all are doing of Ares and he has an endless desire for wars because if there are no more was he will no longer exist.


Of course, the clown Prince of Mayhem had to be on this list. Joker is pure evil and has done a lot of sinister stuff. Over his career, he has killed hundreds and thousands of people, not even leaving the children. His greatest blow was making Supes kill Lois triggering a bomb and killing over 5 million people in Metropolis. Not just that because of his deeds Superman turns into a dictator who further murders much more.


Darkseid’s actual name was Prince Uxas, who planned to take control of his world, Apokolips and kill his brother, he succeeded in doing both and more than that, absorbed his brother’s Omega level powers and came into being as a rock-skinned God. He is very powerful and has powers such as telekinesis, omnipotence, time travel etc. Also his Omega Beam never misses its target. With all this, he’s destroyed a number of planets.


He sure had to be on this list. The superheroes turned super-villains from DC’s graphic novel ‘The Watchmen’ is someone who can be real good at planning and be strategizing. Not just that he was able to detonate a bomb killing everyone in New York, doing all this in the presence of someone as powerful as Doctor Manhattan.

Superboy Prime

He was meant to be a superhero but after the crisis on infinite earth story line his universe was obliterated because of this he was located on Earth Prime but he always had the urge to be Superman and because of that he became restless and began punching barriers of reality, due to this many retcons and resurrections throughout this is post crisis history were explained. Not just that after this he was on killing many  Green lanterns and also the post-crisis Superboy. He was also responsible for the war between Thanagar and Rann.


He from the planet Maltus, the planet from where even the Guardians are. He was a scientist who was very fascinated about the creation of the universe & wanted to go back in time and see the Big Bang with his own eyes. He does this and because of his invention’s explosion multiple universes were created and parallel dimensions too. Not just this he is also responsible for the creation of the Anti-monitor.

Genosha Tragedy (the writers)

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely did something in the New X-Men which no one thought they would do. The two wiped out 16 million people off an island. To everyone’s surprise, the two did this and killed all 16 mill. mutants living in Genosha.



Anti-monitor is one of DC’s biggest super-villains ever is not someone who killed in hundreds of thousands but he is someone who obliterated all the universities accept 5 which was saved by DC superheroes. Also, he is responsible for the new 52 and everything that has happened after the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ series. Not just that he is responsible for killing some of the biggest Super Heroes such as Supergirl and Barry Allen.

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