10 Theories We Have After Mutliverse of Madness

The Multiverse of Madness took us by storm and shot us through the air on a wild ride of adventure and intrigue. It was more baffling than anything else. When you watch the movie you have very little time to react to the stuff that is happening around you. Part of the reason for this is the complex story and simple characters along with the jaw-dropping visuals. As always, Marvel Studios has done a wonderful job of creating one of the best-looking movies of all time. The story of Multiverse of Madness was a bit incoherent and tone-deaf at times but it does plenty to set up the next stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, here are 10 theories we have after Multiverse of Madness. Take a look and let us know if you have any other down in the comments below

The Theories We Have After Multiverse of Madness

Wanda Will Become A Powerful Hero

After WandaVision there was to be a breaking point for Wanda. We now understand that that show was just the start of her journey. She lost everything and it meant nothing. Her trauma and suffering could not stop the inevitable and the only thing she had left to sacrifice was her sanity, which she lost at the start of Multiverse of Madness. But she seems to have reclaimed some of it by the end of the movie. We hope it is enough to force her into the powerful Avenger we know she can be.


Strange Will Learn Dark Magic

After Wanda’s suicidal implosion at the end of the movie, we get a couple of curious after-credits scenes. One of them includes Clea. She is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension and her powers stem from the dark arts. If she is here to help Strange stop the incursion then it is highly likely that Strange will be exposed to her Dark Magic. In the light of this fact, and owing to Strange’s curiosity about the mystic arts we think he won’t be able to resist the temptation of learning the ways of Dark Magic. Hence, making it one of the theories we have after Multiverse of Madness.


Strange & Clea May Get Married

When you search “Clea Marvel” on google you get a very curious entry on the Marvel Database that calls her Doctor Clea Strange. This is because Clea is the closest thing to a love interest that Strange has in the comics. She has been his wife at several junctions in the comics. So we think that the same thing might be done in the MCU and Charlize Theron and Steven Strange may end up married.


Multiverse Is Now Open Thanks To Chavez

Theories we have after Multiverse of Madness

Infinity stones were the McGuffin of the Infinity Saga and for Multiverse of Madness, this title belongs to Chavez herself. We think that now that Chaves has chosen to stay at Kamar-Taj and study the ways of the mystic arts, she will become the disciple of Strange and act as his tool to traverse the multiverse. It is exciting to imagine that Strange has the power of infinite realities at his fingertips now.


Franklin Richards Will Tear Through The Multiverse

Things About Franklin Richards
Theories we have after Multiverse of Madness

For the fans who were paying attention to the movie, a very small detail has catastrophic implications. We are introduced to Mr. Fantastic in the Mutliverse of Madness’s Illuminati scene. The most interesting part about this cameo by John Krasinski is the fact that he mentions the existence of his children to Wanda.


Things About Franklin Richards

For those who do not know his children, I warn that Franklin Richards (aka the son of Reed Richards) is an Omega level mutant and one of the most powerful beings in any universe. He can realities into being and traversing the multiverse is no big deal for this child. If he finds out about Wanda’s rampage then there is no one in the multiverse who will be able to stop his rampage.


The Vishanti Will Make An Appearance

The Vishanti are the trio of Gods and apostles that came up with the idea that there should be a Sorcerer Supreme in our dimension. Their Book of Vishanti made an appearance in Multiverse of Madness, so we think it would be appropriate for these guiding spirits to make an appearance in the final part of Doctor Stange’s trilogy. This is one of those theories we have after Multiverse of Madness.


Chthon Is The Next Wanda Villain

The Chthon and Darkhold theory came true in the movie, so far, Wanda retreated to Mount Wundagore to access the ancient spells. She then made a sacrifice play and buried herself in the rubble of the mountain. We believe this is a setup for her redemption arc and that she is bound to get in a solo movie. For that to happen she will need to have a powerful villain. Chthon immediately springs to mind. We believe that the ancient deity will attempt to control her only for her to defeat him and come back more powerful than ever.


Loki Season 2 Will Have Strange

At the end of Loki, we find out that the TVA still exists but it is Kang who runs things now. We do not know what that is about but you can be sure that Loki season 2 will have an explicit reference to Doctor Strange or an outright cameo. Man has been involved in numerous nexus events throughout the multiverse. His footprint in the chaos is too large to ignore.


Mutants and Inhumans Might Invade 616 To Bring Wanda To Justice

Inhumans Rumored For an MCU Reboot Vin Diesel

Krasinski’s Reed Richards was not the only one with family in the universe 838. We think that there is a good chance that Inhumans, mutants from the school of Xavier, and other members of the remnants of the Illuminati will seek to invade Earth-616 to bring the Scarlet Witch to justice. Her dreamwalk caused the deaths of their mightiest heroes. That is not a crime that you can just walk away from.


Kang Will Be The Main Villain of DS3

Although Strange might have started an incursion in the Multiverse of Madness, he will have to stop it in Doctor Strange 3. What we mean by that is that he may not be the root cause of the problem. We need to remember that all of this is happening because the sacred timeline was freed by the death of He Who Remains. To that end, Strange’s actions are just a consequence of the toppling of the proverbial rows of dominoes. Moreover, there is a good chance that there is more than one incursion happening and that Kang is the reason behind all of them. Strange will have to stop Kang in his next movie, along with the help of Clea.

These are the theories we have after Multiverse of Madness, What are your views on it? let us know your views down in the comments.


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