MCU’s Wildest Theory Till Date is that Tony Stark’s Mother is Actually Peggy Carter  

Tony Stark’s Mother is Actually Peggy Carter:

12 years have passed since the MCU began to entertain us. We have seen 23 MCU films already, and along with that, there have been a couple of TV shows which have been loosely connected to the films. While Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hasn’t been acknowledged by the movies, Avengers: Endgame did manage to acknowledge the Agent Cater series as it brought James D’Arcy’s Edwin Jarvis into the picture. So it does mean that the events of Agent Carter are indeed canon to the MCU. And, there’s a wild fan theory which could connect Peggy Carter to Tony Stark in a major way.

We’ve come across over a dozen years’ worth of theories regarding MCU. The number of theories rose by hundreds when Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: Endgame were about to arrive. There have been a few theories over the years, which we wish would turn out to be true. But none of the theories we’ve encountered are actually as wild as Tony Stark being the son of Howard and Peggy instead of Howard and Maria. This theory was presented 5 years ago by Reddit user savepublicdomain. And even though theory has been disproved by now, there was a chance of it to come true about 5 years ago when Agent Carter was running on ABC.

Now let’s get right into the fan theory:

“I know it’s different than the comics, but after watching Agent Carter, it made sense that Peggy Carter was Tony Stark’s mother in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I was trying to think of why Marvel is focusing so much on Agent Carter. She’s almost non-existent in the comics, and she doesn’t have a direct connection to anyone in the movies, except Captain America, and by his second film, she’s too old to help him out with anything.

But what if she did have a connection to another main film character? Making her Tony’s mother would make sense. She knows and trusts Howard Stark (who we can assume is his biological father). We know she can keep up with his lifestyle, we know she can put him in his place.

We also know that she is a very career driven woman, and having a kid with Howard Stark would ensure that she’d never have to be stuck as a homemaker.

She would be in a position to watch Tony Stark grow from a safe distance if she was called away on duty, and she’d know that if Howard Stark wasn’t around, his butler Jarvis would be a suitable caretaker for the boy.”

Till now, the theory does seem good enough. But what doesn’t work about the theory is the math regarding the age. But, the Redditor does try to solve this age factor as well. He continues:

“The only thing that doesn’t quite work about this theory is the age. Let’s be generous and assume that Peggy is 19 in the Captain America movie, and is 20 when the mini-series takes place. Now let’s assume that Tony Stark is 44 when the first Iron Man takes place, that means she’d have to give birth to Tony at the age of 38, which might be a bit late in her career to have a kid, but is still possible.

This will probably not be revealed by the final episode of the Agent Carter mini-series, but could be revised in future films of series.

What would this do for the characters? It would give Tony Stark another connection to Captain America, since both his parents interacted with Cap and helped him become the man he was. This reveal would make the conflict in Captain America: Civil War seem even more personal for both main characters. It would also help intertwine the Marvel tapestry of films even more than it already is, which is a motif in all the Marvel productions.”

Well, it was certainly a wild theory, but Avengers: Endgame did manage to debunk it even though we didn’t get another season of Agent Carter beyond Season 2. In the 70s sequence of the film, we saw that Peggy Carter was on the S.H.I.E.L.D. base when Howard Stark was about to leave to attend to his pregnant wife, Maria. Tony obviously couldn’t have been Peggy’s son because there is no Arno Stark in the MCU. Tony is the only son of Howard. And all Howard & Peggy did was just enjoy a lot of Fondue. Furthermore, Tony Stark couldn’t have been 44 years old in first Iron Man movie. If that’d be the case then he’d be 59 years old in Avengers: Endgame. And that just isn’t right. Anyway, Maria gave birth to Tony in 1970, hence he was 38 years old in Iron Man. So, even though this theory is cool, it is indeed untrue.

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