10 Comic Book Characters Who Did Unbelievable Things In Bed

Superheroes, they may seem to be all great humans or nonhumans but still, these characters are also quite nasty when it gets to sex. Here are 10 comic book characters who themselves were or did something really nasty in bed:

Doctor Manhattan

He may be having the powers even of Gods, but still, this dude can’t get over his basic human tendencies, well that is until he doesn’t completely give up on humans. His interest we mean, dude could be seen making out with Silk Spectre, until he is actually shown to be working somewhere else and using his duplicate to do the dirty job.

Susan Storm

Susan Storm on this list? Yeah, dude, even she has been almost married her entire comic book life, even has kids with Reed Richards, but still, she has had a fling with Namor. No, we aren’t talking about them being married in another life, but also when she gave Namor a big smooch in order to stop Manhattan from being swiped away with Namor’s tidal wave.

Nick Fury

There have been many women who took up the mantle of Black Widow. Here the title belongs to Monica Chang, who has been the ex-wife of the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury. The couple also got busy and had a son too, named Julius Chang. Their marriage ended because she found out that Nick was cheating on her with her friends as well as her own mother. But it ended well for her as it was her, not Nick who became the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.


This has to be the best story of the Teen Titans ever, with Terra not only working for Deathstroke but also having a physical relationship with him. Using the information that he got from Terra, Deathstroke breaks the team. Not only that, it was also difficult to see Beast Boy devastated, who by the time had developed serious feelings for Terra.

Gwen Stacy

The character assassination of Gwen Stacy was even more awful than her death. As here due to a bad storyline, Gwen and Norman Osborne’s kids are shown to be born at a speeding rate, with Mary Jane leaking this information out to Peter, even putting her in a bad light. This arc had no positives at all and was hated by the fans. Not just that this has till date been the biggest betrayal to a superhero. Not just that it was Norman only, who killed her in the end, and after her death, Peter comes to know all this.

Hal Jordan

Even though the comics tried their best to nullify this arc but they never could repair the damage done by Hal Jordan’s doings. Jordan during his time in the Corps did a lot of things, these got him a lot of fans. One such fan was an alien schoolgirl, who became his girlfriend too. To deal with the discomfort to the readers’ eyes, it was said that she could shapeshift into an older woman, but naah, that didn’t help.

Scott Summers

Though Cyclops and Jean Grey had their ups and downs, the couple was the best that the X-Men franchise had to offer. Jean had been putting off Wolvie because she loved Scott Summers, but then Jean dies in the dark Phoenix saga at the hands of Wolverine. This shocked the fans but had a little impact as after Jean’s death, Emma Frost and Scott come into a legitimate relationship.


To all the fans who are familiar with the storyline, Flashpoint, this one would not be a surprise. Wonder Woman and Aquaman start an affair when Aquaman is already married to Mera, this happens and then when things go south, well she beheads Mera and both, the Amazons and the Atlanteans go at war, taking the whole planet with them.



Okay, this is out rightly disgusting. Superman and Big Barda shoot a porno. What’s even worse is that Barda’s spouse is watching them through a window enraged. To the comic’s defense they both were mind controlled but still, this storyline clearly showed how bonkers could the writers go.


All of us know Colossus’ relationship with Kitty Pryde, but what people don’t know about the big tin can with a bigger heart is that he is not all so goody-goody as it seems. Actually, even the story of him losing his virginity is an interesting tale. Colossus was actually on a mission, where he fought off all the villains very valiantly. This happened, and what happened next was that the women of that place were so impressed with him that they wanted to birth babies with him, which leads to the three having a threesome. Yeah, as gross as it may seem, Colossus actually lost his virginity in a threesome.

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