9 Things That Would Happen When You Start Doing Meditation

Meditation is said to be a powerful tool. It has a lot of advantages. The best thing is that you just need to spare a few minutes of your day for it. Something in you changes for good when you keep meditating. Here are a few things that happen when you meditate:

Inner peace:

Well, the first thing you could almost instantly observe is inner peace. Just after you are done with your meditation you would feel really good. As if all the noise has stopped for a moment. As if you have nothing in your mind. Also, meditation cleans the junk of your soul. Once you attain inner peace, you can achieve anything.

You feel energetic:

The whole day would pass and you will still be left with lots of energy. Meditation makes you feel energetic the whole day. You tend to do things more efficiently. No more energy drinks or pills. Just a few minutes of meditation would do!

Live in the moment:

When you meditate, you tend to live in the moment. You concentrate more on what is happening in the present instead of worrying about your past of future.

Explore yourself:

You get to know inner self better. You in a state of consciousness every moment. You know a lot of things about yourself. You could literally feel the connection with yourself.

Sleep well:

When you meditate, you sleep well. Meditation could cure insomnia as well. It sets your sleep clock and hence your body gets proper rest. Basically, your quality of sleep increases.

Your thoughts:

Your thoughts become more positive and meaningful. Because you are in conscious of yourself, you start ignoring all the negative thoughts and instead try to think positive. It makes your thoughts clearer. This has many advantages in daily life like you could make decisions quicker, etc.

Improves health:

Meditation sets your breathing. So, if you are anxious, you tend to take deep breaths. Also, it makes you calmer. Meditation also increases your immunity and fertility. It also regulates blood pressure.

Makes you intelligent:

Meditation helps you in unlocking the potential of your brain. You use nearly 1% of your brain. The rest 99% is the subconscious part. Meditation helps you in utilising that 99% of your brain. Hence, you become more intelligent. Now you know the secret to becoming the topper!

Enjoy your life:

When you meditate, you get better rest; you live in the present, feel calmer and healthy. You basically enjoy your life to the fullest. You get more from the same day. You feel the true sense of satisfaction.

You just need to find a silent place and a few minutes of your time (10-15 minutes). That’s all. Just sit and try to “think nothing”. You’ll feel a rush of thoughts entering into your mind. Let it be. Just keep concentrating on “nothing” and you will feel the difference.

Seeking all these benefits is not a one day task. Rome was not built in a day. You need to keep meditating daily. So, add this to your daily routine!

Jiddu Aditya

A multi-talented shy lad who loves to write, read, workout, travelling, play guitar, do photography and make the worst PJ's which can cause serious mental trouble. He is presently working with one of the Big 4 IT companies. But his real interest lies in Advertising.
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