4 Deadliest Versions of Hulk You Don’t Know About

Bruce Banner, also dubbed as Hulk, is one the fierce Frankenstein’s monster of the comic book universe. His ever changing level of rage and the fact that he was affected by Dissociative Identity Disorder, Banner was child abused which disturbed his soul. And now there are thousands of incarnations of Bruce, but some of them like Savage Hulk, Gray Hulk, Gravaged Hulk, The Merged Hulk, The Maestro and The Green Scar fascinated the comic book fans. But still, there are several former versions of Hulk that you probably never heard of.

1. Mindless Hulk

First appearing in The Incredible Hulk #299 with a body of Savage Hulk and mind of a goof. Well, don’t him. Nightmare was once pissed off from his enemy Doctor Strange, so in order to cash him his approached his friends. He enters the mind of Bruce and discovered his personality which caused certain mental side-effects. Nightmare only got control over Hulk’s body which turned him into a mindless aggressive beast.

2. Dark Hulk

He is one of the scariest incarnations of Bruce Banner. A sorcerer supreme Shanzar possessed his body and turned him into a more merciless monster. Thanks to Doctor Strange who freed him for Shanzar, who was sent back to his own dimension.

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