10 Times Batman Rudely Left In The Middle of A Conversation

Batman Rudely Left:

What sets Batman apart from other heroes is his style. He has a unique way of fighting crimes which attracts the youth. Batman knows how to strike the balance between darkness and heroism. Be it his awesome gadgets, chilly aura, or silent attacks, he has got a style. Human norms don’t suit his palette. Even Marvel’s Avengers are pretty much human and therefore relatable for their movie reference and wit. But Batman, though quite cliché at times, is one of the coolest vigilantes. However, his need to be different can come across as rude more often than not.

You’ll never know when and from where he will ambush you. He is always lurking in the shadows, and that’s what makes him Batman. This attitude is justifiable with the bad guys but not with everyone. To be honest, it’s pretty frustrating when he vanishes during mid-conversations. Imagine someone hanging up on you without any heads up. Today, we are going to recall the 10 times when Batman rudely left in the middle of a conversation and disappeared.

 1. Batman

It must be so difficult for his foes to attack him when he doesn’t even stay in one place. Unlike other heroes who parade themselves around the villains, Batman works from the shadows. This makes it too hard for the villains to put a gun on his head. Maybe that’s why only Joker and Batman make the perfect couple, for they understand each other’s crazy tactics. During his tussle with Jack Napier in Tim Burton’s Batman, the villain tried to lift a weapon surreptitiously. The moment he turned around to surprise the Caped Crusader, he himself got stupefied with Batman’s vanishing act.

 2. Batman Begins

Batman Rudely Left

By now you must have realized that the only person who has been victimized the most with Batman’s vanishing tricks is Commissioner Gordon. We do enjoy barging out or snubbing people off when they are mean to us but Gordon has been good to Batman. Gordon was talking about Batman’s style at his porch when Batman cuts off the conversation ironically in his signature style.

 3. Batman Begins (Again)

It’s not just Gordon but Batman uses the same trick even on his childhood best friend, Rachel Dawes. After rescuing her from Falcone’s attack, Batman spills beans on why she was on their target list. Before Rachel could respond to what he said, he disappears like the letter from Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. You just have to wait until he shows up again.

 4. The Dark Knight

Style and all are good but at least show us how it is even practically possible to silently disappear in closed vaults. A serious dilemma was posed to Batman and Gordon when they had to choose between the Joker and the mob. Batman does it again by striking a question to Gordon and taking his cue to leave.

 5. Justice League

Justice League tried to make a little joke out of Batman’s vanishing act which we have been wondering about for ages. Commissioner Gordon was discussing a matter with Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Flash when all the heroes except Barry walk off without a word. Flash stays as an act of courtesy and speaks our mind out by pointing how rude that was.

 6. TAS: A Bullock For Bullock

Batman Rudely Left

Sometimes the authorities have to cooperate with some allies they loathe because of their skills. After Commissioner Gordon, the other person who has to endure Batman’s lack of civilities the most is Detective Harvey Bullock. Once he was so pissed off that he shouted how Gordon dealt with it.

 7. The Dark Knight ( Again)

How did Batman manage to go ghost on two people at the same time? He was on the roof with Gordon and the new District Attorney, Harvey Dent when he wished to show his trick to the new DA as well. As Dent was left befuddled, Harvey asked him to get used to this silly magic trick.

 8. Batman: The Animated Series- See No Evil

Batman Rudely Left
Batman Rudely Left

Only a person who makes hard eye-contact without looking away can probably stop Batman from running off. We can’t think of how many times he has shot up a question or a conversation only for the person to look away to ponder so he can disappear.  In the See No Evil episode of the animated series, Batman asked Helen Ventrix about the whereabouts of her daughter. The moment Helen looked away to think and answer, Batman vanished in thin air. We have only seen vampires in Twilight and Vampire Diaries pull off that trick because they can run fast. But how does the Dark Knight do it?

 9. Batman: Arkham Night

Even the video games know how to make Batman believable. They pulled off a typical Batman card in Arkham Night when he was having a serious discussion with Gordon about Gotham. He rudely dares to disappear again on poor Gordon without any warning.

 10. The New Batman Adventures: Torch Song

Batman Rudely Left
Batman Rudely Left

While we look for the right words to refuse a person hitting on us, Batman doesn’t care to give a tiny rat’s peach. In the Torch Song episode, Batman was facing Firefly. He was on his way to deal with the villain when he was stopped by Firefly’s ex-girlfriend, Cassidy who tried to flirt with him after he saved her life. Imagine how Batman would politely turn down a girl! He literally took a flight (or tiptoed away) the moment she turned away.

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