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10 Major Differences Between The Flash From DCEU and Comics

This year we are going to witness one of the biggest projects from the DC Extended Universe and it will be headed by Flash. Ezra Miller’s Flash was first introduced to us in a revealing scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But for the character to make an impact we will get to witness him properly get to witness him in Justice League. Yet, there was a lot about the character that was left out and fans were wondering when we will get to see those elements being explored. There are a lot of things that the character has to do for it to be anywhere near the status the character has in DC Comics. The hype for The Flash is to a whole new level considering it will be an interpretation of the best narrative of the character in the comics. But surely the creators will make their respective changes to the narrative. Let’s take a look at some of the major differences between the character of Flash from DCEU and Comics.

Lack of Likeness To Barry Allen

A particular thing fans might have noticed is that this character appears to be a lot less like Barry Allen. Over the years, Flash has had various interpretations with various characters taking on the mantle. The CW rendition of Barry Allen looks the closest to the comics. Ezra Miller’s Flash hardly resembles the speedster that we had gotten used to in the comics. If it is closely observed then the character appears to be a lot like Wally West during his run as Kid Flash. DCEU never established Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen like the way the character is supposed to be based on the comics.


The Age Difference

Flash From DCEU and Comics

The version of Flash in the DCEU is mostly a kid. Based on the way that he is shown in the movies, he appears to be a late teenager or someone who is in their early 20s. This is one of the reasons why the character is more like Kid Flash in comparison to Barry Allen. Even his actions indicate that he is young, inexperienced, and juvenile which doesn’t really sit well based on the comics. When the character was first introduced in the DC comics he was actually a fully grown man. He was working for the police and the hero was actually as respected as any other here on the DC universe.


Flash’s Bravery In The Comics

The comics actually show a rendition of Flash who is very brave and ready to take matters into his own hands. This is not something we saw in DCEU considering he had a lack of confidence about his powers. He was even scared to go into the battle and there were moments where he would hang back until he felt he was ready for the battle. It was quite surprising considering Batman fought more than him even though he lacked superpowers. The comics have seen various points where Flash was at the front of the battles. The Infinite Earths narrative actually saw him dying fighting with Anti-Monitor which showed that he had no fear and was ready to do whatever he can.


Barry Allen Is A Forensic Scientist

There have been a lot of live-action interpretations of the character of Barry Allen. Most of these gave us a clear idea of Barry Allen’s status in terms of his occupation. The final scene from Justice League showed us that Flash was telling his father he was training to get a job as a forensic scientist. In the comics, the character actually works as a forensic scientist before getting his powers. In fact, the character actually gains his powers right as he was working in the lab of the police station and the lightning struck him. The TV series for the character actually explored this properly from the comics.


Flash’s Armor In DCEU

One of the most controversial things in DCEU has to be the costume that we saw Flash wearing. This costume looks nothing at all like what we have seen him wear in the comics. It actually resembles something that we might see Batman wear. But that actually contradicts his character who would require a sleek aerodynamic costume. The comics have him wearing a costume that is not at all bulky. Flash would be able to wear this costume in split seconds which is something that seems impossible when it comes to the costume in Justice League. He has the iconic ring which he would like to release the costume in the comics.


A Well Respected Character

Flash From DCEU and Comics

Flash appears to be a lesser-known hero when it comes to the DCEU. He hides and remains in shadows and works from there in order to prevent criminals. One of the scenes from the movie even saw him do one of his heroic acts but after doing so he flees the scene. Later, when he joins the Justice League we actually get the idea that he was the least respected member of the group. This is quite opposite when it comes to the character in the comics and how he was looked up to. It was this respect that played an essential part in making him a significant member of the Justice League.


Lack Of Training In DCEU

The comics have seen Flash fighting a variety of villains and he was definitely powerful enough to defeat them. But DCEU saw him as a shell of that hero and having a lack of experience. The character is given a lot of heart in the movies but when it comes to fighting he is massively inexperienced. During a particular scene, he even tells Batman that he generally just pushes a bad guy or two and runs off. This is quite different from the way the character was dealt with in the comics, where he was actually quite experienced. He managed to have some interesting skills that actually made him one of the finest members of the Justice League.


Flash Is Not Lonely

When Bruce Wayne goes to meet Barry, the latter is living all alone. He had his own lab that was locked up and would run around saving people. Later, he would even mention to Bruce that he didn’t have friends and it would be nice to have some friends when he joins the Justice League. This is something that is completely different from the comics as he has a load of friends and even works at the police department. He was actually one of the founder members of the Justice League right after gaining his powers. Thus, according to the comics, Flash was never a loner before he got to meet Batman.


Lack Of Villains In DCEU

Flashpoint is The Worst Choice For DCEU Flash Movie

Ezra Miller’s Flash had mentioned that he hadn’t fought anyone before and he even mentioned that he would just push the criminals to stop them. After doing so he would simply flee from the scene of the crime. Thus we can be sure that Justice League was his first chance to fight against a major villain. But the comics actually see Flash having one of the most respected set of villains. Flash had to go through a lot of them before getting a chance to appear as a member of the Justice League. Some of these villains are actually quite massive and have some major roles in the DC universe.


Equals Drawn To Batman

Flash From DCEU and Comics

In the comics, Flash is actually considered at level with the caped crusader. We saw that Batman actually recruits him in Justice League in order to fight against Darkseid. Barry was actually surprised to see Bruce Wayne come to visit him and upon finding he is Batman, he acted like a fan. This doesn’t really sit well for the character of Flash and it would be more fitting for Shazam. According to the comics, Barry and Bruce were almost of a similar age and they also had massive respect for each other. We will get to see Batman appear as a mentor to him in the upcoming movie. The Flashpoint narrative in the comics actually saw both the heroes on a level playing field.

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