Here’s Every Time Deadpool Made Fun of Other Superheros

Deadpool is a Superhero that gets to do whatever he wants, make fun of whomever or whatever he wants without people questioning anything about it. The justification for this is simply because he is Deadpool! The first Deadpool movie was an awesome bag of jokes and nods at others. It made fun of so many other Superheroes and by the looks of the new Meet cable trailer, Deadpool 2 seems to be on the same path. Here’s ever time Deadpool made fun of other Superheros.

A Justice League and Superman Gag

Here’s Every Time Deadpool Made Fun of Other Superheros

In the Deadpool 2 teaser, we get a shot at Cable making a dramatic entrance and we notice that his arm is green instead of metal. Then comes in Deadpool’s voice breaking the fourth wall, addressing to the fact that the CGI on Cable’s arm has not fully been done yet.  He says, “It’s not like we’re trying to remove a mustache” which was clearly a jab at Henry Cavill’s Superman who had a mustache while he was doing the reshoots for Justice League and they tried to remove it through CG. This jab was to make fun of how quirky Superman looked in the final product of Justice League as the CGI clearly turned Superman into a joke.

2 Pokes at Thanos and the MCU

Deadpool takes not one, but two jabs at the mad titan Thanos, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Deadpool takes the trailer to a different direction until the CGI on the arm gets fixed, he says, “Oh F*** it, I’ll do it myself” which is a reference to Thanos from the MCU who is also played by Josh Brolin. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thanos appears in the post-credits scene and delivers the line, “Fine, I’ll do it myself” while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet.

He rips off Thanos a second time when he is doing the voice over dialogues for the action figures of Cable and Sheriff Deadpool. While the fight scene of the action figures, he says,”Zip it Cable, I got the stones to help you.” and then he shoves Cable’s face into his crotch. This was yet another shot at Thanos who in Infinity War, will collect all the Infinity Stones and will use them against The Avengers.


Well Cable is being made fun off right from the get go. In the comics, as we know, Cable is almost as tall as Colossus, and people even thought that Cable would be made through CGI just like Colossus. But the movie makers made a choice to cast an actor instead, and after many speculations of different actors, Josh Brolin was cast as Cable. In the trailer, Deadpool says that “You know, you are a lot taller in the…(comics).” while he was voicing over the action figures and making them fight. As Cable is taller than Deadpool in the comics and here Reynolds is taller than Brolin and even Deadpool’s action figure is taller than Cable’s, this is a fun reference to Cable’s difference from the comics.

Green Lantern

In the first movie, Wade Wilson mentioned that fact that he does not want his super suit to be green, or animated. This was a funny poke at the DC Comics movie Green Lantern which Ryan Reynolds himself starred in. This jab was intended specifically to Green Lantern’s suit as in that movie, he had to wear a mo-cap suit while shooting and the suit was made through CGI in the movie. Also at the beginning of the first movie, during the opening credits, we get a look at a Green Lantern’s card popping out of a wallet, which was yet another poke at GL.


Spider-Man is related to Deadpool in very nasty ways in the comics, but in the movie, Deadpool did not go very deep with Spider-Man. At the end of the movie, Deadpool signs off as our friendly neighborhood Pool guy, which is a poke at Spidey. While interrogating Ajax on the bridge, he says that “you look like you were bit by a radio-active Shar-pei”, which is a nod at the radioactive Spider that bit Peter.

Wolverine and Hugh Jackman

As Deadpool introduces himself sitting on the top of the bridge making a drawing, he very subtly mentions that he had to fondle with the balls of a character whose name rhymed with “Polverine”. Then later, we see a poke at Jackman who was on the cover of a Magazine saying world’s sexiest man, and Deadpool also wore Jackman’s face as a mask.


Deadpool made a joke about the X-Mansion as he said that the X-Men live in a house that blows up every two weeks. He pokes fun at Charles Xavier twice as he calls Professor X some creepy old Bald Heaven’s gate looking motherf****r. Colossus says that they need to go talk to the Professor and Deadpool replies with – McAvoy or Stewart poking fun at the two actors who have played the character. He also tells Negasonic to ask ‘Beast’ stop pooping on the lawn.

Daredevil and Captain America

There is a scene where he is coming up with names for himself sitting with his friend Weasel. He suggests the names Scare Devil and Captain Deadpool which were obvious pokes at Daredevil and Captain America.

Blade and Robin

In a Bar scene, Weasel says to Ajax and Angel Dust that they look like they are late for the screening of ‘Blade 2’. Deadpool also refers to Blind Owl as Robin, his sidekick and he being Batman.

All Superhero movies

When Angel Dust makes a dramatic landing, Deadpool claps his hands and applauds her as she made a Super hero landing, which all Superhero movies seem to have in common.



In the movie, we see an action figure of Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine which is a jab at the disaster Deadpool was made in that. He also talks about not sewing his mouth shut as it was done in the movie mentioned above!

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