10 Most Unforgettable Deaths In Superhero Movies That Hit Hard

Unforgettable Deaths in Superhero Movies:

The best ingredients to make superhero movies are action, visuals, suspense, and emotional drama. Audiences are encouraged to feel the hero’s pain and miseries so they involve themselves in the story. Unless emotions are heavily invested, the battles and problems are useless. We have lost count on how many CW’s Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Supernatural have had us run for the tissues. To be honest, our connection with the shows grows from the emotional drama and tension they create. Even if Barry Allen went to the speed force thousand times and Dean Winchester died over a million times, it has affected us. Similarly, we have listed the most painful deaths in superhero movies that hit us really hard. Find out which 10 most unforgettable superhero movie deaths we are talking about.

 1. Rachel Dawes

Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime, has made every death by his hands memorable. These murders were not ordinary and every time we watch it, our hands automatically cover our mouths. Whether it’s Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker shooting Murray Franklin on live TV or Heath Ledger’s Joker blowing up Batman’s love, Rachel, it always leaves us dumbfounded. Joker devised dynamites on both Dawes and Harvey Dent and gave the wrong addresses to Batman on purpose. Batman followed the address in hope of rescuing Rachel but ended up at Harvey’s location. In the end, Harvey got saved by Batman but also heard Rachel blow up on the phone.

 2. Gamora

In Avengers: Infinity War, Gamora and the Guardians of the Galaxy knew that Thanos was looking for her to extract the location of the Soul Stone. This forced her to request Star-Lord to kill her if Thanos ever found her. When the time came, Peter Quill refused to kill her and failed to stop Thanos from taking Gamora to Vormir. However, not killing her then was futile because to her surprise, Thanos loved her dearly and thus sacrificed her for the Infinity Stone.

 3. Iron Man

Tony Stark had always presented himself as the carefree playboy and billionaire, driving most of his teammates angry at him. But to everyone’s surprise, he selflessly snapped the Infinity Stones to save the world. It became harder to lose our favorite superhero after knowing that he had just settled down and started a family. Though Pepper Potts was heartbroken to lose the love of her life, she held back her pain and assured Tony that they were gonna’ be okay and he could rest now. Every time we watch this moment, the same heaviness rises up our heart and jams our throat.

 4. Steve Trevor

Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor saved the day by hopping onto the plane and blowing it up. Since he and his team couldn’t stop the plane from loading the lethal gas that was set to be dropped over London, Steve decided to get on the plane and destroy in midair with him inside. But he declared his love for Wonder Woman before running towards the plane and leaving her behind. His loss fueled up Wonder Woman which enabled her to destroy Ares.

 5. Groot

Till date, Groot has been one of the most mysterious characters of the MCU and we’d love to learn more about him. Neither the old nor the new Groot ever participated in any combat. The old Groot was mostly a bystander whose vocabulary was limited to “ I am Groot”. But his biggest power was his loyalty towards his people. He hardly participated in fights but when he did, it was grand and only reserved for his friends. In Guardians of the Galaxy, when the crew was plummeting, Groot covered them up with his branches and sacrificed himself after saying “ We are Groot”. It was a surprising line by which he meant that Guardians were his family.

 6. Loki

Loki was always perceived as the notorious brother of Thor whose harmful actions were ruled governed by his envy. After spending years in defying and hating Thor, Loki emerged as the hero in Avengers: Infinity War. He went against the Mad Titan, Thanos for Thor and ended up getting himself killed.

 7. Wolverine

We have spent years watching Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine fight through time in X-Men and Wolverine series. Logan had his flaws due to his arrogant and fierce nature, but we couldn’t help ourselves from getting attached to him. Logan movie was gore and violent but it still drove us through a myriad of emotions felt by the titular hero. It ignited a storm of powerful emotions in us watching Charles Xavier weakened by old-age and mental illness.  In the end, we also lose our favorite hero, Wolverine while he tried to protect his daughter. And that ended the legacy of the X-Men.

 8. Yondu

Nobody Yondu turn out to be the real hero at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. He was always hard on the outside but genuinely cared for Peter Quill like his own. But Peter never realized that joined his birth father, Ego, only to later find out that Ego had planted cancer in Peter’s mother. Yondu went to save Star-Lord from the malicious hands of his father and ended up sacrificing himself in the process.

 9. Black Widow

Black Widow’s death was one of the biggest shocks in Avengers: Endgame. Natasha Romanoff never had a real family since childhood as she was raised by an assassin organization that trained young orphan girls. She found her family and home in the Avengers and Nick Fury and promised herself to do anything to bring them back. After spending half her life in remorse for her actions as an assassin in the past, Natasha happily accepted the opportunity to sacrifice herself in Vormir for the Soul Stone and clear off her ledger by saving the world.

 10. Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Far From Home International Trailer

Spider-Man was young and had hardly seen the world before Thanos snapped him out of existence. He had just earned himself an Avenger title only to get killed soon after. Peter Parker’s pain and struggle to stay alive was palpable on the screen. He could feel every element of his body disappearing due to his Spidey sense which made it all the tougher for him to go peacefully.

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