6 Questions That the Latest Supernatural Episode Gave Rise To

“Form and Void” took supernaturally, scary things to a whole new level. With the growth of Amara, introduction of Empty, Castiel getting tortured, the episode drama-packed. There were a few Supernatural questions I found myself asking over and over again. I’m pretty sure you did, too.


Is Death actually dead?

When Death himself dies, do the reapers come to collect his soul? We almost saw Death die in Percy Jackson (Heroes of Olympus, anyone?). Logically, when Death dies, people become immortal for eternity, right? Then why aren’t the dead ones coming one? This surely means that there’s a new Death out there, right? Right.

How is there a reaper?


If your boss is dead do you still keep working for him? If Billie Jean is to be believed, the “old death” is gone. So there’s a new Death in play? Also, how big is the possibility that the next time the Winchesters die, they are going to remain dead? I’d say a big fat zero. Unless they decide to end the show, there’s no way in heaven, hell, purgatory or Empty that they are dying.

Will God help?


How ironic is it that Sam asks God for help and he sees a vision of Lucifer in his cage? Like Castiel, I wouldn’t count on God helping them. Can Lucifer help the brothers in containing the Darkness? We all agree that the Sam we saw getting tortured was Lucifer. Lucifer (and probably Michael) are probably getting out of the cage and onto the screen this season and I can’t wait for their appearance!


If the Darkness predates the Bible, how did Sam find a Biblical solution?


The Bible and Biblical references and texts will prove helpful throughout the season and the World Wide Web is just a WiFi signal away! Once again, Sam comes back from the brink of death (or Emptiness) and the brothers are back in the “family business”, what with hunting things and saving people.

How is Rowena’s curse affecting Castiel?


Has Rowena’s curse driven Castiel mad? The curse hasn’t proved very effecting in getting rid of Crowley. Cas is still walking, talking and calling Dean. When he kills Efram and Jonah, it is not the curse in play, although it might have given him super-angel powers which helped him get rid of the torture device. He might has acted in self-defence or out of his feelings from Hannah, who sadly dies.

What does Darkness feed on?


The Darkness feeds on souls, of course. Well did you expect something called the Darkness to feed on pizzas and shakes and drink coke? She’s not Death, guys! How many souls would Amara feed on before turning into Emily Swallow? One can only guess. Now that Crowley has her, we can only wait and watch what he does with her.  My best guess is that he would use her for her benefit, only if Amara lets him. Darkness might be tougher to manipulate than demons, Father Crowley.


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