Marvel Reveals New Moon Knight Footage on Disney+ Day

Marvel has been keeping details about several of their exciting projects under wraps so that we cannot find any details regarding them. There have been numerous leaks over the years that have still been able to give us some details regarding the projects. We finally got to see something regarding all the various Marvel shows coming to the Disney+ streaming platform. The event gave us a first look at Moon Knight which has been under hype ever since it was announced. With various casting reports and stories regarding the antagonist in the series fans surely had a treat with this reveal. Let’s take a look at the new Moon Knight footage for Disney+.

Moon Knight

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Moon Knight was amongst the shows that were announced during the D23 Expo in 2019 before the launch of Disney+ itself. Fans were doubly excited when it was announced that Oscar Isaac will be attached to the project as the lead. The character is much beloved by fans for the various forms it has taken over the years in the Marvel comics itself. There were also theories on how this character could further lead to the character being an essential part of the MCU with future appearances in films too.


Earlier this year it was also announced that Ethan Hawke will be joining the series as the antagonist and there were set photos leaked that indicated what character he could be playing. The actor-director was himself thrilled to be a part of the series and even mentioned in an interview that he will be basing the character on cult leader David Koresh. When asked about how he got into the Marvel project this is what he said:

I heard about it from Oscar Isaac, who lives three blocks down the street from me in Brooklyn. I was at a coffee shop and he came up to me and was like, ‘I really liked The Good Lord Bird. Want to be in the Moon Knight with me?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ So it happened the right way.


New Moon Knight Footage

During the Disney+ Day event on Friday, we got to see the first look at the Moon Knight series and it has definitely increased the hype for the project. The clip primarily focused on Oscar Isaac’s character and no other details associated with the antagonist or anything were revealed here. There were some rather exciting shots that were included in the clip that clearly showed the kind of portrayal we will be getting for the character.


The clip indicates that Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector will be suffering from the same identity issues that the character will be facing. We hear him saying: “I can’t tell the difference between my awakened life and dreams.”

New Moon Knight Footage

We didn’t get a clear look at the character wearing the Moon Knight costume but we definitely got to see some action with the character in costume. As the voice continues we see Moon Knight beating someone up at the other end of a room. This might mean that the series might end up being one of the darkest shows to come out of Marvel. Then he’s seen one running on streets as we can see his reflection in the sea as a voice says, “The voice in your head, it devours you.”


Then we get one of the best shots from the clip as we see Moon Knight leaping from one building to another as the Moon appears in his background. This has to be the look that we have seen numerous times in the trailer as his character is closely associated with Moon. Even in the previous shot of him running, we could see his reflection on the sea falling around the moon.


New Moon Knight Footage

This is the closes shot we got of his costume and it seems to resemble the costume that Moon Knight is seen donning in the comics. It would be very exciting to get a look at the entire costume which we might get to see soon considering the series will come out next year.

Moon Knight will be a globetrotting action-packed thriller focused on a superhero suffering from a dissociative identity disorder. The various characters living inside him will be thrust into a deadly war of the gods with the setting of both modern and ancient Egypt as the backdrop. Directed by Mohamed Diab, the series will be released on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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