The Hearing Loss of Hawkeye Finally Does What The Movies Failed To Do

With the various MCU shows coming out all over the year, fans were excited to hear Clint Barton getting his own show with Hawkeye. The series has allowed us to explore the narrative of the character who has been a part of the MCU for a long time now. We will see him in his various roles trying to work out personal problems that he is solely responsible for. But amongst other things, the character also seems to have acquired a casualty over the years being a part of various wars in the MCU. One of the most exciting moments of the show saw Hawkeye absolutely deaf, during the car chase sequence. This hearing loss of Hawkeye might be the most interesting bit of character development the movies have not been able to achieve.


Like all the other shows, Hawkeye does not solely focus on the character of Clint Barton and rather introduces a whole set of characters who are somehow influenced by him. The two major characters we have witnessed so far are Kate Bishop and Maya Lopez, both of whom seem to be significant for the future of MCU. The thing that brings them all together is the Ronin suit and it seems that will be a significant item throughout the series. Kate Bishop dons the costume after she finds it at the auction, then Clint finds out about this and that’s where they meet. The news of Ronin’s return brings both of them to Maya Lopez who has her own history with Ronin.


Hearing Loss of Hawkeye

Fans of the Matt Fraction comic book series might have noticed the heavy parallels it draws from there. This comes in the form of some of the most exciting bits of the series to certain character traits. There are only a few differences in the arc compared to comics like the series shows that Clin has lost his hearing. This new arc is actually one of the most exciting details about the character and we see it tell us a lot about the character that wasn’t open to us before.


Hawkeye In The MCU Movies

The character was never taken in quite a major form in the past projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that meant there was hardly much attention paid to him. He was actually one of the first characters to be a part of the Avengers Initiative but his character was hardly given much to do. There weren’t many moments where the character was given much to do other than appear as a part of the entire Avengers team. The first time we got some significant character development for the character was in Avengers: Age of Ultron when we got to see his family. There were many opportunities to work on the character that was completely dropped by the series.


How Hawkeye Helps The Character

We saw how WandaVision gave us a glance at everything that Wanda Maximoff was going through following the various losses she had faced over the years. The character reached such a breaking point where she was ready to do anything to avoid coming to terms with her loss. Similarly, Hawkeye puts the character at a place where we can see the character through various ways and actually understand what he was going through over the years.


While Kate Bishop acts like a fan and gives us her perspective, Clint also gives us reasons for not being the ideal superhero. We get to see a character that has various colors and each of these colors tells us something interesting about him each and every time we see him. Clint appears to be the ideal hero who has a life that he wants to live and not stay attached to the superhero arc that has been given to him.

The Hearing Loss Arc

Hearing Loss of Hawkeye

One of the major developments in the series is the hearing loss that Clint has acquired which was explained by the various years of combat he had done. The series showed that while there were heroes with superpowers in the Avengers, normal human beings didn’t have the same type of casualty. There were times that we saw that he can still fight under such circumstances, it was exciting to see things being put more to his perspective. One of the most emotional moments from the series saw the character having to take a phone call with his son while Kate transcribed for him.


The moment defined the very struggles the character faced in maintaining the various things in his life. We might actually see Clint drop the technological advancements as told by Maya and try to work on a more practical way of life. There is yet a lot to uncover about the character and a lot to be told in order to see how he navigates in a world where people are looking for Ronin. We will get to see more of Clint in the new episodes of Hawkeye that come out every Wednesday on Disney+.


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