15 Unused Scenes of Endgame’s Battle That Would Have Been Awesome To Witness

Unused Scenes of Endgame’s Battle:

Avengers: Endgame’s final battle was a dream come true. It packed so much in it that it’d be criminal to ask for more. But having rewatched the battle so many times by now, you can’t help but wonder that so much more could have been added. It’s just that Endgame had to fit into that 3 hours run time. If only the movie could have had 5-10 more minutes, the battle would have definitely been longer. Last year, Marvel released a book of concept arts called Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame – The Art of the Movie. Now this book carries many amazing sequences that could have been a part of the film. Take a look at 15 scenes that weren’t used:

Giant-Man, Hulk & Spider-Man

During the battle, we saw how the Avengers were all really troubled when Thanos rained fire upon them with the Sanctuary II. Captain Marvel showed up & took the ship down single-handedly. But, there was this alternate plan which would have shown Giant-Man, Hulk & Spider-Man teaming up to disable the fire canons.

Apparently, Giant-Man would have thrown Hulk towards the ship, and then Hulk would have thrown Spider-Man towards it mid-air. Spidey would have reached the mother ship and then tried to disable the canons. Watching this sequence play out would have been absolute madness! But it might have taken away from Captain Marvel’s epic entrance I guess. So, the scene was never shot or perhaps deleted. But imagine if Giant-Man, Hulk & Spider-Man used this maneuver to reach the Ugly brown Van. The Avengers wouldn’t have had to play a big relay to get the stones to the Quantum Tunnel. Ant-Man could have thrown Hulk, and Hulk would have thrown Spider-Man towards the Van. It might have actually worked.

Giant Insects

We saw Giant-Man emerge from the debris of the Avengers HQ and run into battle to knock a few leviathans down. But the original plan was for him to bring his friends along. Scott would have increased the size of some ants and insects to make them take more Leviathans down. That would have surely left us with a major jaw drop.

Fighting More Leviathans

Giant-Man sucker-punched a Leviathan and then shoved another one into a portal during the fight. But imagine if we would have seen him riding one of those Chittauri monsters. The above image proves that this was a plan. In fact, Groot is also shown to be accompanying Giant-Man while riding a human-sized flying insect.

Another scene shows Wanda telekinetically lifting a few giant pieces of rocks for Ant-Man to step on and reach a Leviathan. Clearly, a lot was planned with Ant-Man but wasn’t ultimately used as there were so many characters who had to be given the spotlight.

The Last Kiss

Unused Scenes of Endgame’s Battle
Unused Scenes of Endgame’s Battle

While we loved the brief team-up between Tony and Pepper during the Endgame battle, it was supposed to be more than that. The two would have shared a final kiss mid-battle before Tony ultimately perished with his snap. It would have been similar to Aquaman & Mera’s mid-battle kiss, but we would have loved to watch it happen anyway.

The Iron Army

It’s sad that Rhodey absolutely had nothing to do in the final battle. We just saw him saving Hulk in a split second scene, and then he showed up to say goodbye to Tony. But apparently, Rescue, Iron Man, Iron Spider & the Iron Patriot were going to team up to attack Thanos’ army in one of the sequences. This scene would have been even bigger than the duo team up moment involving Iron Man and Rescue. And with it, we would have got to witness that bulky Iron Patriot suit in action. But maybe Marvel saved that for a future movie/series.

Okoye & Valkyrie

This is a team-up that we may not have imagined, but it’s actually quite fitting. Both Valkyrie & Okoye are warriors who don’t necessarily prefer to use guns in combat. So, a sequence with these two teaming up would have been nice to watch especially if they were to trade weapons like it’s explicitly shown in the above concept art.

Captain America & Star Lord

Unused Scenes of Endgame’s Battle
Unused Scenes of Endgame’s Battle

Star-Lord met with Thor & Iron Man over the course of Infinity War and Endgame. But he didn’t meet the leader of the Avengers, Captain America. Apparently, the two could have teamed up during the battle, but the scene was ultimately left out.

Thanos vs. Captain America

Thanos used his double-bladed sword to cut through Captain America’s shield. But, he was actually supposed to go berserk and break Cap’s shield with his bare hands, just like he did in the comics. This scene would have been even crazier to witness. But I guess the one with the sword made more sense and opened up more possibilities for the future.

Hulk vs. Thanos 2.0

One of the biggest missed opportunities of Endgame was that we never got a Hulk vs. Thanos rematch. Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Captain Marvel & Wanda got to battle him directly, but Hulk never even got to land a punch upon the Mad Titan. Marvel did plan it, but they couldn’t add it in the final cut.

Spider-Man teams up Rocket & Groot

Seeing Peter Parker team up with more aliens would have been very satisfactory. As you can see, he would have created a slingshot with his web and Groot’s arms and used it to shoot Rocket Raccoon across the battleground. Then, Groot would have helped him against incoming attacks. Considering that Groot also did not have more than 2 scenes in the entire battle, this particular moment would have been nice.

Spidey, Korg & Miek

Unused Scenes of Endgame’s Battle
Unused Scenes of Endgame’s Battle

Besides Rocket & Groot, Spidey would have teamed up with the Kronan & Sakaar’s insectoid warrior. He would have really freaked out upon seeing Miek lay its eggs in the bodies of the Outriders. All his Alien fears would have come true at this very moment.

Black Panther, Hulk & Iron Man

Seeing Black Panther, Hulk & Iron Man team up during the battle would have been another dream sequence. But Black Panther was actually supposed to run and take down a Leviathan with the kinetic energy flip kick. Hulk’s expression after this moment of pure badassery would have been priceless.

Hulk & Drax

This is a team-up that definitely should have happened. It was indeed planned. Drax would have pulled one of the monsters of Thanos’ army with its tail and then Hulk would have gone all Shawn Michaels upon the monster.

Doctor Strange gets help

Unused Scenes of Endgame’s Battle
Unused Scenes of Endgame’s Battle

In the final cut of the film, we saw Doctor Strange go on a bit of flood duty. He used the Ancient One’s advice of surrendering to the current of the river to use its power. But, the above concept art shows that Strange would have had help as the other sorcerers would have also come in to shield the water to create a sort of dam.


Just recently, Winston Duke revealed that he shot many more fight scenes as M’Baku during the final Endgame battle. At least one more fight scene involving him could have been great. Here’s what Duke said in an interview a while back:

“The raw footage was just so long with everyone that my stuff didn’t make it in. I filmed so much fighting for it, and I was really bummed to not see any of it in the movie. I did so many fighting scenes in Endgame during that final battle… It was really cool. Marvel knows what they’re doing, and it all leads to the best product. So, I am happy; I was just very disappointed that nobody got to see all the stuff I was doing.”

Well, if M’Baku was supposed to have many more fight scenes, then I can’t help but think of all the other characters who could have had more fights as well. The list of their scenes could be endless. But as Duke said, Marvel knows what they are doing. And what they added into the movie ultimately worked. So, it was all cool at the end.

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