Black Panther – King T’Chaka Investigated The Death of Tony Stark’s Parents

King T’Chaka Investigated Tony Stark’s Parents Death:

What goes around… comes around! Every action has consequences. They may be good or bad, but those consequences have to be dealt with anyway. And that’s what King T’Chaka and all other previous Black Panthers did not understand. T’Challa had to face the brunt of his father’s actions after King T’Chaka killed his own brother and left his nephew stranded. If he would have taken Erik in and raised him as a child of Wakanda, then the catastrophes of Black Panther could have been avoided. In the same way, King T’Chaka could have also prevented his own death during the events of Captain America: Civil War.

Wakanda had their spies spread all over the world, but they did not indulge in the worldly matters. Maybe they should have done that up to a certain extent. Marvel’s new MCU tie-in book, “The Wakanda Files A Technological Exploration of the Avengers and Beyond” has cleared quite a lot of MCU related mysteries recently. One of the major revelations from the book has been that Wakanda investigated the death of Howard and Maria Stark.

King T’Chaka Investigated Tony Stark’s Parents Death

December 16, 1991 was the date when Bucky Barnes was sent on the mission to assassinate one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s founding members. Stark was carrying 5 containers of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s latest Super-Soldier serum, and Hydra had him killed to obtain those serum bags. Bucky made their murder look like an accident and left them in the middle of Long Island. By the next day, it was reported as an accident by the media. But according to The Wakanda Files, one of Wakanda’s War Dogs was sent to investigate the crash site and he was able to figure out that the car crash was staged by an unknown party.

Here’s the direct excerpt from the book:

My King, I have returned to Oakland following my investigation of the crash site. It is obvious there was foul play and valuable property was stolen from Stark. Would you like me to continue the investigation?

King T’Chaka Investigated Tony Stark’s Parents Death

The book doesn’t reveal whether Wakanda continued to investigate the situation, but having seen how the future events turned out, it’s quite apparent that T’Chaka must have ordered his War Dog to stand down and not indulge any further. It is interesting to note why T’Chaka must have been interested in the death of Howard Stark in the first place.

One of the bigger mysteries of the MCU is how exactly did Howard get his hands on Vibranium back in the 40s. There’s a chance that his research team could have found fragments of the Vibranium meteorite scattered around the Wakandan country. But what if Howard & King T’Chaka were acquainted. T’Chaka could have gifted Howard the Vibranium himself, and because Stark was sort of a friend of his, he must have felt interested in the death of Tony’s parents. But apparently, he wasn’t interested a whole lot.

King T’Chaka Investigated Tony Stark’s Parents Death

If T’Chaka would have let his War Dogs continue with the investigation, then Hydra’s existence within S.H.I.E.L.D. would have been discovered much sooner. The events of the future would have been radically different. No project insight! Wanda & Pietro wouldn’t have turned into powerful mutants, thus the citizens of Wakanda wouldn’t have died in Lagos. Zemo could not have used Bucky to bomb the UN. Thus, T’Chaka would have prevented his own life. But I guess not seeing the motivation behind his brother’s actions was a sin that he later paid for.

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Anyway, Secretary Ross wouldn’t have forced Tony to go and catch Captain America. The Avengers wouldn’t have broken up. They would have fought Thanos together and might have defeated him in Avengers: Infinity War itself. Really, the chain reaction that Wakanda’s negligence caused was catastrophic. They largely prevented Vibranium to be flooded across the world and fall into the wrong hands, but in doing so, they caused a whole lot of other problems.

King T’Chaka Investigated Tony Stark’s Parents Death

It’s good that King T’Challa has been righting the wrongs of his father by coming to the aid of the world in the recent years. As soon as Wakanda opened up to the world, Tony Stark got his hands upon Nanotech through Shuri. With that, he & Smart Hulk ultimately made the snaps that saved the Universe. So, Kudos to the Black Panther!

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