Batman Beats Superman In The Easiest Way Possible

The answer to a fight between Batman and Superman still keeps fascinating us every time the question is put up. While we all know the obvious answer to this question, we still keep finding new ways in which Batman keeps on taking down Superman again and again. Sups can crush Batman using his pinkie finger, but still every now and then, Batman comes out on top.

The reason why we will never get over this question is that we all want to see how different, a fight between a God and a mere mortal man could go, where either the God annihilates the man, or the man comes up with surprising ways to somehow defeat the omnipotent being. Even after seeing a whole movie built over it, we are not over it and we would like to see some more of it in live action since the entire build up just ended within 8 minutes of smashing each other here and there in and around a building.

Even though we loved the mech suit that Batman brought in the movie, it only turned out to be a tool of defense against the Man of Steel and Batman fought Superman in the most obvious way, using Kryptonite. The brawl was still awesome and since it was the first time we were seeing Bruce take on Superman on the big screen, the Kryptonite fight gets a pass. Well we did kind of see the two face each other in Justice League when Superman was revived, but Batman did not really do anything, and still brought the big gun (Lois), and the fight stopped there.

So, it is really amazing how Batman has thought of every aspect before going into a fight with the likes of Man of Steel. And now, in the recent comic storyline, He just showed he’s too smart for Superman (with one very important catch). Well, this question has been revisited yet again in the 42nd issue of the current running Batman comic. To be fair to Superman, he was not at his best (as always) because he was under the control of Poison Ivy. In fact not just Superman, the entire League is under Ivy’s control except Batman and Catwoman. The new issue showed that Ivy has been using the League to look over The Dark Knight and his future bride.

Well, it is pretty obvious for Ivy to think that Sups will be the perfect opponent for Batsy, but yet again, Bats gets the last laugh, and so will the readers! Ivy left Superman to tail Batman and Catwoman when they went out for a drive in the Batmobile. In the past, He has come up with multiple ways to take down Superman, but most of them had Kryptonite involved in some way. But this time things were different.

Here, Batman knows that Sups is tailing him, and he is also aware of the fact that Superman is under the influence of Poison Ivy. So he comes up with a very smart, funny and the easiest plan to take Superman down, and in turn, release him from the control of Ivy. He thought that this could only happen if Batman could get Poison Ivy to get angry. This is the first time she has mind controlled someone with the power levels of Superman, so she is obviously not used to controlling this huge strength, and He takes advantage of that.

Batman says to Catwoman very slowly, “I don’t want her to hear”. Poison Ivy could obviously hear this through Superman’s super hearing ability and she gets curious about what Batman is talking about. He keeps getting his voice lower and lower, so naturally, Ivy makes Superman go closer and closer to hear what Bats are saying. He then strikes at the very right moment, and on finding Superman really close, he gives a high-pitched whistle. Since Superman was so close and so focused on hearing what he was saying in his low voice, a very high pitched whistle coming out suddenly knocked him out of shock!

This was certainly the most hilarious and embarrassing defeat Superman would ever face the likes of Batman. Obviously, Bruce could come with something even worse in the future, coz he’s Batman, but this was hilarious! Batman is the ultimate smartass!

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