Thor 4 Trailer Confirms Rune King Thor is Coming

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been bursting at the seams with content. We continue to watch and be impressed by the sheer amount of characters and sub-franchisees that the cinematic universe has. Moreover, I am also quite excited to see the multiverse becoming a more staple part of the universe in a way that it keeps on adding more content for us to speculate over. But let’s talk about the new Thor trailer for now. The trailer makes us think that Rune King Thor is coming to the MCU. Although the journey to become the Rune King is long and hard.

But who is Rune King Thor? Well, let me tell you a story about a Thunder God who went on a journey of self-exploration and returned as one of the mightiest beings in the universe. I’ll start off by explaining the comic origins of the character and then we can talk about what similarities exist in the MCU. I will further explain how Marvel will introduce this Rune King into their cinematic universe that will have the most profound impact. So let me start off with the basics and then you can keep reading to see my personal analysis of the situation down below. For the uninitiated, Rune King Thor is one of the most if not the most powerful version of Thor to ever exist in comics.


Rune King Thor Is Coming

God-Bomb is a Weapon to Kill All Gods in Marvel
God-Bomb is a Weapon to Kill All Gods in Marvel

Being a God affords Thor certain privileges and powers. He is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel multiverse. After the death of Odin in the comics, King Thor inherits the Odinforce. Marvel fans know the Odinforce as the almighty force that has been used by the Kings of Asgard, primarily Odin himself. The ruler is also blessed with a spear that can summon the force. Rune King Thor is coming and he is an amalgamation of all ultimate versions of Thor. This variant commands the Odinforce and the knowledge of ancient runes. His origins are heart-wrenching.


They start with Loki taking over Asgard and breaking Mjolnir, then continuing to defeat Thor every time he attempts to re-capture his kingdom You see, in a future where Loki has defeated Thor and continues to kill all of his allies including Baldur, Thor looks for the old knowledge of the runes. He asks the Avengers to protect the Earth and takes on this quest alone. In his desperate journey, he finds the personification of Odinforce who takes him to the well of Mimir. The well offers power but asks for a sacrifice. Thor gives the well one of his eyes but the well is not satisfied because this is exactly what Odin sacrificed.


Rune King Thor is coming

Thor then summons all of his willpower and sacrifices his second eye, yet nothing comes out of it. The God of Thunder takes a heavy breath and hangs himself off the branch of The World Tree. Odin also did something similar to achieve his powers but he was saved before death, just on the verge of it. On the other hand, Thor actually dies at this point in the comic and ends up in hell.


The Transition

Hela presents little problem to Thor as escapes her realm and ends up in front of The Gods of the Norse Gods. These Supreme beings acknowledge Thor’s struggle and offer him the knowledge of the Runes. This is the point where Thor is born anew with the power of the Odinforce and the knowledge of ancient runes. This is what will happen in the movies too, more or less. The origin is very good and the story is clearly engaging. But Thor would need to lose a lot more before he takes this journey.


However, Rune King Thor is coming to the MCU. He may not arrive soon but he will be here. This character is due to another major power-up soon or at least, some sort of realization of his potential. Thor has done little since Infinity War and we would love to see the character at full power. You know, the version that could have killed Thanos and saved us all of these shenanigans.

Let us know what you think about it down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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