New Thor 4 Trailer Reveals Mjolnir’s New Power

Marvel Entertainment on YouTube has released a new Thor 4 trailer. This new trailer contains all kinds of easter eggs and references to the plot of the movie. Moreover, we finally got to see the reveal of Christian Bale’s Gorr. The design of the character is even creepier than we could have imagined and it has us jumping out of our seats. We have reproduced the new trailer down below for your perusal. Take a look at the trailer and keep on reading to see our analysis of the new footage. We have even spotted an easter egg in the trailer that reveals Mjolnir’s new power in the MCU.

The trailer starts with a narration by everyone’s favorite character from Ragnarok. Korg tells us about how Thor became a warrior and catches us up on what Thor has been up to since Endgame. It is revealed that Thor has made an effort of getting back into shape. The God of Thunder even thinks it fit to use the guardians’ ship as a machine for exercising. This Thor 4 trailer is a lot of fun to watch. It has the same in-consequential tone that Waiti is known for. The trailer covers a wide variety of topics and showcases a lot of new characters. While the first trailer of Thor 4 focused more on Guardians of the Galaxy, this trailer comes back to the main cast that we are supposed to follow all throughout the movie.


Mjolnir’s New Power

The trailer showcases all kinds of important movies from the film. One of the most important of these is the reunion of Thor and Jane in the MCU. Thor comments now on how strange it can be to reunite with an ex, especially when she has taken over your power as The God of Thunder by lifting your weapon of power. We think that the transition of The Mighty Thor from Thor has occurred because Thor is supposed to move onto a higher status than the one he currently has. Ergo we might be getting Kind Thor very soon in the MCU.


Mjolnir’s new powers

Moreover, there is a very clear indication Mjolnir’s new power will dominate the battlefield. But what is this new power that we talk about? Well, you see, at about 1:25 in the trailer, you can see Jane throwing the shards of Mjolnir as independent projectiles. This new power seems to emerge from the fact that the hammer had always had some kind of autonomy to it. Mjolnir is now able to tackle multiple foes at once and Thor even comments on how cool this new power of The Mighty Thor is in the trailer.


For the uninitiated, we would like to mention that this kind of projectile power is not new to the media. We have seen several examples of psychically controlled weapons that can break into shards. One of the most famous examples of this is the thousand demon daggers from the Chinese anime Scissor Seven. Moreover, this makes the weapon far more versatile than any normal hammer and allows the user to target large groups of enemies in one go. It powers up the utility of the hammer while making the blows do slightly less damage.


The God-Killer

Interestingly enough, the trailer also ended up revealing the true design of Gorr in the movie. It seems that Christian Bale and Taika Waiti are going all out while trying to create an accurate adaptation of the character on the big screen. Gorr also calls this adaptation of Thor “not like any God he has killed before”. We wonder what the villain means by that. Christian Bale looks absolutely horrifying in the trailer and we expect a scary performance by the actor.


The trailer shows us Mjolnir’s new power and showcases the power of The Mighty Thor. The source material for this movie is a very good comic story so we hope to see great things from Waititi.

Let us know what you think about the trailer and our analysis down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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