10 Mind Boggling Fan Theories/ Speculations For Avengers 4

It feels like as if it was yesterday when Avengers: Infinity War released and we rushed to watch it. All the excitement and too right in the feels felt just like a dream to a Marvel fanatic. But it’s been months since the arrival of Avengers: Infinity war and everyone is left traumatized after that epic SNAP happened and left us all with speculations and question marks. Since that lot of theories and speculations surfaced the internet and only Kevin Feige knows what is going to happen. There are so many theories right now and only May of 2019 will tell what is it going to be. So here we are with some truly sorted out theories.

Dr. Strange foresaw it all?

Dr. Strange foresaw all the outcomes and in 14000605 possibilities there is only one possibility where Avengers are going to come out victorious. Dr. Strange, who was determined to save the STONE from the starting even if he has to sacrifice lives, surrendered Time stone to Thanos. Part of a plan? Only possibility? Or maybe both? It was the only way as confirmed by the Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange told Tony, ”There was no other way” before he faded away. This is the only way to defeat Thanos where half of the Avengers die and left ones will undone the SNAP.

Reconciliation between Bruce Banner and Hulk

In Thor: Ragnarok and infinity war, Hulk and Bruce Banner opposed each other and were always at the opposite side of the shore, conflicting with each other. But as per some new theories it is said that Bruce and Hulk are going to resolve their conflict and will work together as a team. This amalgamation of brute strength of Hulk and intelligence of Bruce Banner is surely going to amaze the hell out of the fans. It is too awesome to be true, let us just hope that this plot kicks in.

Quantum realm in Avengers 4?

Ant-Man and the Wasp quantum-realm

It looks like as if the quantum realm is going to play an important role in the Avengers 4. There were hints of quantum realm in the Ant-Man and Dr. Strange movies and moreover the upcoming movie Ant-Man and the Wasp is going to take place after the events of infinity war and as per some tweets that surfaced after the special screening of the sequel of ant man, it is confirmed that the movie is going to restore the hope of fans that were left heartbroken after SNAP happened. Is there any glimmer of hope?

Is it going to be the end of the Original Avengers?

SNAP vanishes various new Avengers like the Black Panther, Spidey e.t.c and everyone from the original cast of Avengers are still alive. Avengers is going to undone the SNAP’s happening but bringing someone back from dead is definitely going to need some sacrifice. So, is it going to be the ultimate and final act of the original cast and are they going to hand over the responsibilities of the world in the hands of new heroes? Moreover, Kevin Feige also described Avengers 4 as the final chapter so could it be the end of the original cast?

Introduction of a new stone

This speculation came directly from the comics in which when a villain collected all the six infinity stone, Avengers took the help of seventh stone known as ego stone and defeated that villain. So as per this theory, Avengers have to use that seventh infinity stone in order to defeat Thanos. But this is somewhat contradicting as the origin of the stones in the movies and comics is different. In comics, stones were created by an all-powerful celestial being called Nemesis but as per the movies, stones were forged during the Big bang. So, this could be a theory with some alterations but who knows?

Come back of mind stone bearer

Mind stone bearer aka Vision, a complex creature crafted from the combination of mind stone, Ultron, Jarvis. When mind stone was brutally popped out of Vision’s forehead, Marvel fans were totally shattered after watching this painful event, it could be the end of Vision but who knows? Maybe Shuri downloaded the Vision’s consciousness but no one really knows as the movie soon ended and Vision just laid there like a dead man with a hole in his head. Shuri is the most intelligent creature shown in the MCU universe and has the most advanced technology( Wakandan technology). Will she able to revive Vision?

Time travel

Time travel surfaced many times in the Marvel movies and comics. Time travel is very much related to Dr. Strange and after his death, will Avengers be able to use the time travel concept? If they somehow manage to use the Time travel then tables can turn for sure but the question is how? Could it be because of the Wakandan technology or maybe quantum realm will play an important part in time travel concept? There is a strong possibility of time traveling in the Avengers 4. Let’s see whether time travel is going to be mainstream or it would come as a fraction.

Stark and Thanos connection

avengers 4

Any Robert Downey Jr. fan will definitely be going to remember the acknowledgment given to him by the Thanos. Thanos said to Tony Stark that you are not the only one cursed with knowledge. It is definitely a compliment by such a powerful and badass villain. But how does Thanos know so much about Tony? Moreover, how does he know Tony’s name? Tony even said that Thanos is in his mind since he went into space at the end of Avengers.

Even Dr. Strange sacrificed time stone in order to save Tony from Thanos. Was Tony that important? Stark has played an important and integral part in MCU. Is Tony going to have the last laugh?

Mysterious soul stone

As per the guardian of the Vormir, Soul stone has more importance than every other stone but no one really knows what does the soul stone do. Soul stone is kept really mysterious during infinity war and in order to get the soul stone, a sacrifice was needed. What is that made soul stone so important? Could there be a soul world that is related to soul stone like comics or maybe something even great lingers inside of soul stone? As per the theories Soul stone’s powers are going to become one of the main plots in the Avengers 4.

What happened on Vormir stayed on Vormir

Lots of things happened on Vormir, Gamora’s death, interaction with the guardian of Vormir who looked like the former Hydra leader, soul world flashback fragments. Everything was vague on Vormir like opening up of portal after Gamora’s death, Thanos waking up with soul stone in his hand. What was it that made it so vague, could it because of the mysterious soul stone or maybe some things are not yet revealed and one more question how guardian ended up there on Vormir?  who appointed him as the guardian.

All these theories are mind-boggling and I think we are definitely going to need the mind stone in order to reveal the answers.

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