Top 7 Powerful Super Villains of All Time

Let’s face it, what elevates the status of a superhero to greatness is a great villain. Though we may detest these villainous characters, they’re the ones who make the light of the superheroes shine the brightest. Of course, the superheroes always manage to get the upper hand at the end of the day, but there were a few whose powers have dwarfed even the likes of Superman and the Justice League combined! For certain the top 10 super villains would beat the top 10 superheroes hands down because such is the enormity of their powers. Here is my pick for the top 7 most powerful super villains of all time (in increasing order):



Apocalypse is one of the oldest mutants in the Marvel Universe, born with a multitude of superhuman abilities and transcended to even higher levels after augmenting himself with Celestial technology.

Over the years, Apocalypse has agonised X-men and the Avengers with his quest for ultimate power and believed that only the strong should be allowed to survive. In the X-Men Evolution series, it takes all the X-Men as well as Magneto and his band of mutants in order to defeat the all mighty Apocalypse. He has proven to be by far the X-Men’s toughest adversary in history.



Pallarax is a malevolent cosmic entity that embodies fear and exerts mind-controlling powers strong enough to frighten the mightiest of DC heroes. Parallax has no true physical form of its own; it generally changes into forms that will instill fear in its victims. Its powers also include large-scale alteration, control over the flow of time and could drive entire planet’s civilizations into paranoia and create fear.

Dark Phoenix


The Phoenix Force is an immortal, indestructible, and mutable manifestation of the prime universal force of life. So when the Phoenix Force entered Jean Gray she became a pure unadulterated manifestation of rage, justice, and death. Dark Phoenix is so overpowered that the Shi’ar Imperial Guard had to resort to destroying the whole solar system in hopes of eliminating the Dark Phoenix in the process, though Jean decides to sacrifice herself in the end.



Among all the villains of the DC Universe, Anti-Monitor might very well be the one with the most ruthless bloodlust having been directly responsible for more deaths than any other known DC super villain.

Anti-monitor was so incredibly overpowering, that he disposes of Supergirl almost effortlessly. Moreover, Anti-monitor has the power to hold his against the multiverse’s strongest heroes simultaneously. But the crowning achievement of Anti-Monitor would be that he was responsible for the death of Barry Allen, the hero better known as the Flash.



Darkseid is one of the most powerful New Gods and perhaps the strongest super villain in the DC universe challenged only by the likes of Superman or Doomsday. Darkseid has numerous super powers ranging from the Omega Beams, his main power which can disintegrate living objects from existence to incredible telepathy and superior intellect to manipulate and control others to no end.



Thanos is a mad cosmic powered titan, obsessed with death and when armed with his beloved Infinity Gauntlet and with the personification of Death at his side, he could wreak havoc on enormous scales.

The Infinity Gauntlet series tops all of Thanos’ battles wherein he obtains all 6 Infinity Gems and while wielding ungodly powers he wipes out half of the universe in an attempt to please mistress Death. Even when all of the surviving heroes united to disarm Thanos, he completely massacres them without breaking a sweat though he eventually succumbs via his own insecurities and ego.



And the top honor has to go to none other than Galactus! Feared across the universe as the “Devourer of world”, Galactus maintains his existence by devouring planets with the potential to support life. Galactus has obliterated entire civilizations on many occasions and also has shown the ability to even overcome Odin and the Celestials. Galactus, a nearly omnipotent immortal being, was literally taking on every one of earth’s heroes who united to incapacitate what was conceived as the greatest threat in the Marvel Universe. Also in a crossover story with DC Universe, Galactus was completely unfazed by the Omega Beams from Darkseid, who was revered to be the strongest DC supervillain.

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