Falcon & The Winter Soldier Are Wanted In A New BTS Picture

The Falcon &The Winter Soldier’s series first episode was released on 19th March 2021, and since then has revealed numerous plots revolving around the super-soldier program. The story started with an extremely controversial move by Sam Wilson and then Bucky does something clever to get to the end of an investigation, which takes them to a foreign land. Where the laws of engagement are controlled by the powerful criminals of the island. The entire narrative has been modeled around the existence of a power, way beyond their understanding. A heads up to all the readers, that there are major spoilers about The Falcon & The Winter Soldier (FTWS) in the upcoming content.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier New Picture

The following episodes that have been released witnessed Sam Wilson hand over the shield of Captain America aka Steve Rogers to the national museum. The prologue of the series started with Sam Wilson running missions for the military which anything from recon to hostage survival. Sam Wilson has kept up his responsibilities as the Falcon, but somewhere has torn himself in his ability to carry on the mantle of Captain America.

It is at the end of the first episode where we witness the military take the shield and give it to someone named John Walker while naming him the new Captain America. In an interview with a news channel, it is revealed that John is just a normal soldier with heightened physical abilities. But a deeper dive into the Super Soldier serum theory, after a brief brush of Sam and Bucky with the Flag smashers unfolded new mysteries.

The story witnessed the implication of Isiah Bradley into the narrative, and how several African American’s had to suffer to make the serum a success. Unfortunately, except for Isiah none of the others who volunteered for the super soldier program survived. But the recent tussle with the Flag Smashers clarified that these individuals somehow seem to have heightened superhuman strength and durability. Similar to what Steve Rogers had, thus to explore where the serum came from, Bucky delves deeper into the investigation which brings the duo to a point of no return. The narrative witnesses Bucky and Sam, visit Helmut Zemo in the German prison.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Trailer Description

Helmut Zemo is the same person who was responsible for breaking the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War, which saw the inclusion of the Slokovia accords. And also reveal to Tony Stark, that under the influence of Hydra it was Bucky Barnes who had murdered his father and mother. Later on, in the series, through a series of events, the viewers witness Bucky become the sole conspirator behind Helmut Zemo’s escape from the prison, as Bucky believes that Zemo knew the plans of Hydra and may know the source from where the serum may have originated.

The band of Sam, Bucky, and Zemo traverse across the globe and land into Madripoor, in search of answers. This runs them into Sharon Carter, who after the events of the Civil War, and her part in the story led her to become a fugitive of the US government.

Sam, Bucky, and Zemo, with a little help from Sharon, are seen battling some criminal scum in Madripoor, in search of the secrets surrounding the super-soldier serum. And also, in pursuit of the PowerBroker who seems to be the link between the superhuman group called the Flag Smashers and the super-soldier serum. Post the first episode, we already witness Sam and Bucky get on the wrong side of John Walker and his sidekick Bold Urban Commando (BUC) aka Lemar Hoskins.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier New Picture

In a recent Instagram post by Sebastian Stan on his handle, witnessed him and his co-star Anthony Mackie pose for a picture at the police lineup. Which kind of explains both Bucky and Sam again going on a head-on collision with the US government. Check out:

The narrative may be pushed into the deeper end after John and Lemar visit the prison in Germany, which housed Helmut Zemo. And doing their investigation around the incident of Helmut Zemo’s escape from the prison. The investigation revealed to John and Lemar that Sam and Bucky had just visited Helmut, right before his apparent break from the prison. That implicated Sam and Bucky in the eyes of John and Lemar and ultimately in the eyes of the US government. The recently released picture may just the aftermath of the plots which are yet to come into the narrative.

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