5 Most Powerful Female Mutants in X-Men Universe

We know almost all mutants of the X-Men universe and may have even thought about some of the powerful mutants there. But have we ever taken a moment to analyze the most powerful and badass female mutants there? Why should only men have all the attention? Let’s make a quick rundown of the 5 most powerful female mutants.

Jean Grey/Phoenix:

Dr. Jean Grey may look like a cute and sexy doctor who has telepathic powers and who helps Prof. X in his school. But we all know that she is so much more than that. She is hands down the most powerful mutant you will ever find:  A class 5 mutant. She possesses both telepathic as well as telekinetic powers. Caught in the fear that Jean might not be able to control her powers Prof. X places a series of psychic blocks in her head in such a way to limit her powers.  Having discovered that her powers are present in her sub-conscious mind, Prof. X locks away her sub- conscious mind so that she may not be able to access her powers present there. This caused Jean to have a split personality disorder. The one side that is sweet and kind the Jean that we all see in the first few parts and the other dark side called the PHOENIX the one with the powers locked away when unleashed can cause destruction to the world at large. When this Phoenix is unleashed she goes on to kill her love Cyclops, Prof. X her father figure and her mentor. Later when she loses control of herself and allows her powers to control her, Wolverine kills her and finally sends the Dark Phoenix, the most powerful mutant to her grave.


We all know Storm. The ever loyal and logical mutant who was recruited by Prof. X. If you all did not already know Storm possesses the extraordinary ability to control the weather. In many situations, her power has proved useful. For instance, when they try to save Rogue from The Brotherhood of Mutants she plays a crucial role. Later on, she also becomes the leader of X-Men after Cyclops steps down as he is deeply disturbed by Jean’s death. Storm has always proved to be good and has never missed her extraordinary power. She too can easily be categorized under the list of powerful female mutants.


Adoptive sister of Prof. X, Mystique needs no introduction. Our excellent shape-shifting friend who was with Prof. X in the beginning later on sides with Magneto as he forms The Brotherhood of  Mutants. She has been Magneto’s right hand until her death. Her shape-shifting powers allow her to transform into anyone and everyone. She also possesses the ability to absorb the personality, memory, and powers of the person that she transforms into. Her age is not known precisely but she is believed to possess this power from a very young age. This list of most powerful mutants will be incomplete if this badass female is not mentioned.


Rogue, the adoptive daughter of Mystique possesses some extraordinary powers. She has the ability to absorb the memories and powers of the person she touches. But it is not that simple. If she touches that person for a long time then well that person can die. She considers her power as some sort of a punishment. She feels bad that she can’t even touch the people that she loves without killing them. She becomes a member of the X-Men and starts fighting with them against the Brotherhood. She is quite a strong mutant herself and definitely deserves a place on this list.


female mutants

Psylocke who has briefly appeared in the movie with her twin brother but later becomes a member of the X-Men. She possesses telepathic powers and later on also gets the power of telekinesis. She has martial arts skills too because she has her mind in a Japanese female ninja.

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