Here’s What You Need To Know About Barry’s Return In The Flash Season 4

There is no question if Barry Allen will return for Season 4 of The Flash, it’s a clear yes and therefore assuming that The CW and producers won’t just kill off their show’s most important character (it isn’t GOT after all), the question is how will it be that he returns.

The skeptics in the audience believe that the show-runners won’t care much for how will it be that Barry returns to Central City but with so much of the show’s time and story placed on Barry’s retirement for the sake of the Speed Force, there needs to be something special about this reappearance.

If the show’s writers follow the “Terminal Velocity” arc of the Flash comics and The Flash’s journey to the ‘other side,’ then the Barry Allen that returns could be somewhat like the comic book Wally.

Barry would not be the same man that went into the speed force, having gained a way better understanding of the powers he has, while concurrently gaining a richer symbiotic bond with the Speed Force itself. He would no longer be just a hero who uses it, but someone united with it more directly and purely than any speedster before. And yes, he sure is to bring with him a whole new bunch of superpowers and a whole new approach.

That sure helps us know that the superpowers of the character would increase, which could ultimately help the character become the self-confident, unwavering, and steadfast hero that he was known for in the world of DC Comics.

Fans have had to watch Barry doubt himself, only to be made to believe in himself by his team more times than could ever be counted, so is Season 4 the point where Barry comes up with or becomes the answer when others deem the situation hopeless?


This surely is to change up the formula of The Flash however still being true to the character. Now the flash would have new superpowers, good leadership qualities and a better understanding of his powers and of the speed force, which he will not only access but also protect.

Let us know what you feel would change next season with the return of Barry Allen & also what you feel would require him to return.

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