Game of Thrones: 10 Insane Fan Theories About The Starks

Game of Thrones is a show that is not just addictive but leaves your head spinning at times. Seeing that only one more season is left and the fans are going crazy with the wait, there are many fan theories flying around. It is the time that we discuss these theories as there is a high possibility that some of them might come true in the recent future. Let us take a look at some theories exclusively about the Starks clan and their future:


 1. Sansa and Jon Snow get married:

Now that we know that Jon is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna and not Ned Stark it is possible for him to get married to his cousin Sansa and rule over Westeros. This theory does not have much weight because most of us don’t consider Sansa as such an important character.

9. Arya kills Littlefinger:

This theory is something most of us have been dreaming about since the day Arya came back to her homeland. Littlefinger is one character that is hard to kill and has survived a long time and has caused a lot of havoc in Westeros. He may be a brilliant character but he has been asking for death since a long time and now is surely the time. Arya is in Winterfell and has the Valyrian steel dagger which was owned by Littlefinger. It would surely be sweet vengeance if she kills him with his own dagger.

8. Ned Stark is alive:

Ned was a character equally loved by all and when he died in the first season he was surely mourned by most fans. This is why a lot of fans have come up with this theory about their favorite Stark. So the theory suggests that Eddard Stark or Ned Stark is actually alive. Seeing how many characters have been resurrected in the show till now it is not impossible. So Ned Stark might have swapped with Jaqen H’ghar while they were kept a prisoner in the Red Keep. Surely it would be amazing if it actually comes true.

7. Arya is dead:

So when the Waif and Arya were fighting in that room we don’t get to see them fight. What if Arya actually dies and has really become no one? If it is true then Arya might not complete her list of people to kill. But this would surely spoil the character and her long awaited killing spree.

6. Sansa Stark will die:

There have been many deaths till now and if Sansa was to die then not many people would cry over it. There are many ways for her to die as this show is quite creative with deaths. But she could also become a white walker. Whatever is it Sansa’s death would not cause a lot of criticism by the viewers and better her than the other Starks right?

5. Bran will bring the white walkers to Westeros:

You might remember how in one episode Bran was touched by the night King and was branded. This has given rise to a theory that what if Bran has broken all the magical barriers and the white walkers can now enter the wall and Westeros? We know it will happen one day and Bran could play a vital role in it.

4. The Night king is a Stark:

This is another theory that suggests that the Night King is actually a Stark who was captured when he was a baby. There must always be a Stark at Winterfell, right? So the theory suggests that Night King is a Stark who has promised not to attack Winterfell till there is another Stark there. This could be interesting because some other theories suggest Bran is the Night King.

3. Nymeria will lead her wolf pack to war:

We have seen most of the direwolves die in the past 7 seasons. Ghost and Nymeria are the only two left and fans think that there is a reason for it. Nymeria was shown in this season as the leader of a wolf pack when she does not follow Arya to Winterfell. It is very much possible that Nymeria will use her wolf pack and play a huge role in the coming war.

2. The remaining Starks will kill each other:

Another theory suggests that the Starks have come together for a whole different reason than you would think. We are all happy to see the reunion but what if GRRM has something devastating in store for us (as always). If the Starks do end up killing each other it would definitely make for great entertainment but would surely end many other theories and possibilities.

 1. Jon Snow will ride Bran:starks

This sounds weird and kinky but hears it out. Bran was told by the three eyed raven that he will fly right? Well, he has warged into Ravens but we are aiming a bit higher with this. What if Bran wargs into one of the dragons and Jon is the dragon rider? It could be brilliant and both of them together could do great things and hopefully, Bran does not become more robotic by then to lose all interest in the war.

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