Avengers 4: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Movie

Avengers: Infinity War was the most anticipated superhero movie all time. The sheer scale on which the movie was written and produced and filmed is astonishing. It has been called the most ambitious crossover project in all of movie history. The movie features almost 40 superheroes sharing the screen at the same time, it juggled a lot of things, one of which was giving ample screen time to each and every character and still trying to keep the plot relevant , interesting and engaging at the same time. The entire premise of the movie was to present a scenario where everything goes to shit.

The movie aimed at presenting the audience with a possibility of having the good guys lose for once. The idea being that it is not always our protagonists that come out on top. Sometimes they can be faced with such adversaries that are impossible to defeat, after all everyone has a limit, even the Avengers and their allies (namely the sorcerer supreme and the guardians of the galaxy).

This a fact that Avengers   Infinity War brutally reminded us of after the consecutive “victories” that were age of Ultron and Marvel’s The Avengers  . Infinity War was supposed to be the rude awakening that solidified Thanos as an indomitable and intimidating villain who no longer wished to play nice or wait. The actions of the Mad Titan during the events of Infinity War were fast and precise, each of his words, each of his subsequent movements (both in combat and out of it) held a deep meaning and were meant to establish the tyrant as an infallible force to be reckoned with.

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After the grand victories that the Avengers  had there was meant to be a strong fall that broke the hearts of the fandom. This is exactly what Infinity War delivered , a strong call to action for the earth’s mightiest heroes to re-convene and re-assemble a force ,one to match the might of the tyrant of the dark quadrant.

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But what comes next ? If the combined forces of 40 superheroes could not stop the Mad Titan from acquiring all six infinity stones how do the remnants of earth’s mightiest heroes plan on fighting the Titan now , now that he possesses the infinity gauntlet and along with it the power of the cosmos at his fingertips. That is a question we will attempt to tackle here. That is a question that the fandom hopes will be answered in Avengers  4 (whose title we still do not know, by the way).

So the question is what do we know about Avengers  4?


The title of Avengers  4 has been a matter of great an heated debate for quite some time now. A part of the fandom is convinced that the title of the fourth Avengers   movie will be Avengers  : Endgame owing to the fact that Doctor Strange uses those exact words after handing out the time stone to Thanos and the fact that Ironman had previously used that exact word to describe the future events during the Ultron battle. It seems rather interesting and intuitive to name the movie “Endgame”,  maybe a sort of a nod to the final movie where all of the OG Avengers   group together to take down the mad titan once and for all. It seems rather obvious that the events of Avengers   4 will entail the OG Avengers  skipping through the cosmos and the fabric of space-time itself to defeat the ruler of the dark quadrant and the power of cosmos that he now holds in his own hand.

Another source from the fandom claims that the title of the fourth Avengers   movie to be Avengers  : Disassembled. For the uninitiated, the catchphrase of the Avengers   has always been ‘Avengers   Assemble’ in the comics, usually screamed by either Ironman or Captain America as a call to action to all nearby Avengers  . Think of “Avengers   Assemble” as a battle cry for the earth’s mightiest heroes. They scream and jump into a battle formation on the utterance of these words. This just goes to show why the fandom is so excited about the title Avengers  : Disassemble.

The release date of Avengers   4 has been set for May 4, 2019. Unless the executives at Disney decide to push it up (like they did with Infinity War to possibly prevent international spoilers) the movie will come out on May 4, 2019.

The Russo brothers decided to play a sick joke on the fans at the end of Infinity War. If you went to watch Infinity War you probably sat through the marathon of credits at the end of that movie. After the credits ended we were treated to a short scene with Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson with an Easter egg hinting towards Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel. After that scene that fans expected a black screen with simple text stating “Avengers   will return”.

However in a bout to one-up the fans the Russo brothers decided to put in the words ‘Thanos will return’ instead. This was rather heartbreaking for fans all over the globe but there is more here than that that just meets the eye. You see, originally Infinity War was planned to be preceded by a Thanos movie and one can argue that Infinity War seems more focused on the antagonist (Thanos) than our cast of sundry superheroes.

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Thanos is at the core of Infinity War and when the mad titan succeeds in his endeavor at the end you can’t help but feel a little happy for the mad titan, even if he just wiped out half of the population of the entire universe.

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Thanos will return implies that the Russo brothers are not done with the character of the mad titan just yet. They have more twists and turns for the fandom to endure even though Josh Brolin( the man who plays Thanos) tells us that Thanos is a finite character, meaning that we might no see him after the events of Infinity War. Does this mean that thanks will be the one who dies at the end of next Avengers  movie ? Tell us what you think down in the comments below.

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