What’s With All The Missing Timeline In X-Men Universe?

Often working with the comic book turned movies, plots and storylines are bound to go haywire at one point of the other. But somehow Marvel has really lost track of any plausible time line flow with the X-Men series. Here we’ve compiled a few unprecedented timelines which don’t make any sense whatsoever. I hope you enjoy these misses as much as we did:

1) What’s happening with Prof X and Magneto – In X-Men: Apocalypse when Prof X meets Moira MacTaggert the first thing he says she “hasn’t aged a day”, shouldn’t Moira have aged, post two decades of the First Class. Well, somebody needs to tell Prof X and Magneto they too haven’t aged since the First Class.

Many X-men have gone from teens to adult and then back to teens, but Xavier and Magneto seem to be stuck in their mid-30s. We do know that characters don’t age in comic books and are forever in floating timeline. So is this what it is?


2) Wolverine was gifted with adamantium in the 70’s by Colonel Stryker making Wolverines body indestructible destruction devices. So what happens in 2013 when Ichiro Yashida hacks off Wolverines blades? All we can see is a jagged pair of bone claws lurking beneath. Back in 2014 Days of Future Past, we get to see Wolverine adamantium claws again!


3) January Jones (Emma Frost) the Diamond girl is seen playing Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) sidekick in 2011’s X-Men: First Class, easily turning into diamond. Out of nowhere a similar mutant is shown in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A young woman with the same diamond abilities, at the near end of the movie with abilities of Emma Frost. This particular scene was set in 1985, which goes against everything previously established with her adult character in First Class.


4) It was surprising to see Storms origin from Cairo streets in X-Men: Apocalypse. So what bothers us here is that Halle Berry’s Storm had not the slightest hint of her Kenyan descent/ascent, it’s odd she loses all her accent once she comes to America and the Prof X teaming her up with Jean and Cyclops.


5) We know Mystic grew up with Xavier and the kind of close relation she shared with Magneto in Future Past and Apocalypse, still we saw Magneto leave Mystic with a drop of a hat in The Last Stand, now why would he do that? Mystic is one character that has grown from illogical to complete absurd. After 2000 – once she’s cured of her mutation reverting back into the body of a 35-year-old Rebecca Romjin, shouldn’t Mystic be 75 years old?


6) Bolivar Trask, another big glitch in Bryan’s timeline or person’s continuity. In 2006, X-Men: The Last Stand showed us a Bolivar played by actor Bill Duke who is 6’4” and then out of nowhere we see another Bolivar who is 4’5” played by Peter Dinklage in Days of Future Past. Someone, please shed some light on this one.


7) Set in 1983 we see Angel (Ben Hardy) fighting in the underground clubs, only to be taken as one of the four Horseman of Apocalypse, who highlights his wings with metal. But eventually we see Angel die at the end of the movie, but in comic books, Angel was one of the founding members of the X-Men. Then comes The Last Stand, where we see a Ben Foster play the role of Angel nearly two decades later. In short we see an Angel in his twenty-something in the 80s die in Apocalypse just to be born again in the same age nearly two decades later. Funny!


8) Recruited by X-Men in 1962, Alex Summers is shown in his 20’s. Whereas Scott, is a grown man in 2000, making Alex 40 years older than Scott. We see Xavier find a younger version of Scott in First Class, meaning Cyclops should technically be in his 50s by the time the original X-Men is released. Here’s the twist, in Apocalypse set in 1983, Scott is shown in his teens, while Alex looks exactly the same. Somehow both brothers have defied age and can be in any age as required in the story.


9) This is the funniest one amongst all – In Days of Future Past set in 1973, Hank McCoy invented a serum which suppressed mutant genes while enabling Prof X out of his misery, making his paralysis disappear. However, in The Last Stand in 2006, no one is more surprised and shocked than Hank McCoy on a new found mutant cure which suppresses mutant genes.


*Remember how sad we were when we saw Dark Phoenix blow up Prof X and I mean literally blow him up in The Last Stand. So what happened on 2014, in Days of Future Past where we see a perfect intact body of Prof X lying in a coma, with exactly the same traits and same paralysis of the body. Weird would be an understatement!


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