4 Most Epic Kills of WOLVERINE From Both Movies And Comics



Daken is the son of Logan. He was born in Logan and Itsu as parents in the 1940’s. Daken grew up with the assumption that Wolverine had killed his mother Itsu. He prepared himself for vengeance against his father his whole life, with Daken angry at everyone around him. After a long fight that included dismemberment, Wolverine ended his son’s life by drowning him to stop the violence Daken had been creating.

Thomas Logan:


Wolverine was born James Howlett back in the 1840’s, to John and Elizabeth Howlett, the rich owners of a large estate. James was a sickly boy, doted on by his parents. One night, a commotion took place in the estate with Thomas Logan, the caretaker which ended with John Howlett being impaled. The trauma resulted in James’ mutant transformation. James avenges his father’s death by killing Thomas. Thomas Logan revealed himself to be Logan’s father before his death – a truth that transformed the fate of Logan forever.

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