The Powers Of Quicksilver Came From The Scarlet Witch

Let’s bring back a forgotten MCU hero that no one really talks about. Even though X-Men’s Quicksilver was a God-level speedster, we also loved MCU’s Quicksilver. But sadly, he didn’t get to do much. He died in his debut appearance and nobody even mentioned him before or after WandaVision. Well, we’ve got a new theory that suggests that the powers of Quicksilver came from Wanda.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a brilliant actor, but his MCU role was reduced to a short running appearance. He could have done so much more. Even when Marvel could bring him back, they brought in Evan Peters instead for a random Boner joke. And now that he has been cast as Kraven in Sony’s Spider-Man universe, we probably won’t hear about his MCU Quicksilver variant ever. But we want to bring him back into conversation just to reveal an interesting truth about him. So, let’s look at the confusing events of when Pietro got his powers.


WandaVision’s 8th episode gave us a backstory of how Wanda got her powers. Agatha indicated that Wanda had magic powers from the start. And she had cast a probability hex upon the Stark missile so that it doesn’t kill her and her brother. Then when she was experimented upon by Hydra, Agatha stated that the Mind stone amplified her innate ability which she was born with. She saw her future as the Scarlet Witch, and it ultimately came true.


Agatha even said that if Wanda wouldn’t come in contact with the Infinity Stone, then her powers would have gone away with time. But what about Pietro? Unlike Wanda’s flashback, there was no indication that he had powers right from the beginning. And very suspiciously, we never got to see his interaction with the Mind Stone either. Strucker exposed several test subjects to the stone and all of them died.


Agatha suggested that Wanda wasn’t a mutant. Instead, she was always destined to be the Scarlet Witch because of the powers she was born with. Now even though Agatha is an unreliable narrator, she has been around for hundreds of years. Her understanding of magic is quite amazing too. In fact, Wanda’s magic powers are what attracted her to Westview. So she was surely telling the truth. And that means Pietro wasn’t a mutant either. Without the X-gene, him getting random powers of speed from the mind stone doesn’t make any sense. Pietro probably should have died like the other test subjects. But the fact that he didn’t die makes us believe that Wanda was the one to give her brother powers unknowingly.


Powers of Quicksilver

Wanda had cast a probability hex on the Stark missile unconsciously. Agatha confirmed that Wanda was able to create life and alter the DNA of people. We saw this happen with Monica in particular as she went through Wanda’s hex barrier three times. Her DNA was completely altered and she even got multiple new powers that are yet to be fully explored. Wanda’s kids got powers. She was even able to create a fully powered Vision within the hex. So, all this is evidence suggesting that maybe she was the one who granted Pietro his speedster abilities.


Maybe because she loved Pietro, she may have wanted him to be special too. And her thoughts could have substantiated into Pietro getting latent powers sometimes when they were kids. Then as soon as Pietro got into the room with the Mind Stone, his latent abilities could have been amplified like Wanda’s. Agatha is a witch who is capable of performing transportation, levitation and several other superhuman abilities through her magic. She even imbued Ralph Bohner with super speed to present him as a proxy Pietro. So just like Agatha, the Scarlet Witch should also be capable of giving super-speed abilities to someone.


Wanda has the power to alter reality as she sees fit. So, we strongly believe that Pietro’s powers originated from Wanda’s powers. It will be interesting to see if Marvel acknowledges this theory somewhere down the line. It’s sad that Pietro doesn’t get the same recognition as the other Avengers. He fought to save Sokovians as an Avenger. He sacrificed himself to save Hawkeye. His efforts should be acknowledged properly. And maybe his origin should be talked about more than it is.


What do you think about the theory of powers of Quicksilver that we’ve presented? Did he get his random speedster abilities from the Mind Stone? Or was Wanda responsible for them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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